Welcome to Erin Margolin

A luxury salon that provides variety of massage spas.


What we do?

A luxury salon that provides a relaxed and friendly environment to enjoy a variety of massage treatments, spa and nail care.
Facial Treatment

In Melbourne, we offer a range of skin treatments including skin peeling. Until we initiate any type of treatment, we conduct a skin analysis.

Spa Center

You can let your mind and body rest in a relaxed and soothing environment, while gently massaging a mask of milk and honey over your face.

Your full happiness is our main focus, while providing you with a luxurious massage experience that will make you feel absolutely amazing.

Our statistics

Great for relaxing and reconnecting with one of our premium spa treatments, salon facilities, wellness programmes or clinical specialties. Visit our menu, or email us for customised self-care services and tailored advice.







Our team

Our goal is to improve your quality of life through physical and mental rejuvenation, self-esteem and health and wellness balance in our oasis of peace.

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