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Please welcome Elaine Alguire, a transplanted Texan currently living the Cajun dream in Southern Louisiana. She’s wife to one brilliant man and mom to three blondies. She chronicles their life and times at The Miss Elaine-ous Life with her words and photographs and is embarking onto the scene as a lifestyle photographer for local friends and families. When not “shooting” pics, running (in every sense of the word), or attempting to clean house, she occasionally hangs out on “the” Twitter and her Facebook page. And she is MOST excited to room with Erin again at BlogHer ’12 in August!


When I was in the 9th grade my “best friend forever” and I had one of those spiral notebooks in which we wrote back and forth to each other and would hand it off during passing periods.  I remember well the day it fell into the wrong hands – those of the best friend of a boy my friend liked. He was a total numbskull. Plus, he had a crush on me. Some sort of love rhombus we had going on…Anyway, I think there were some not-so-nice things about him in there.

What? I was 14.  We all were. 

I cannot remember all the angst-y drama that was written all over those pages nor do I want to.  

I do remember my love for writing on each crisp, new page and I did include a few of my poems for my friend to read.  

In high school I was ALL about writing poetry.  It used to just flow from my fingers.  There are times when I wonder what happened to that yearning. I surely do not have it these days.

I have always written in journals, or kept one is some way.  Now my blog is my journal, so it’s interesting that others can read it. The fact that it is out there for all to see is not always a good thing though; there are certain things I leave out just for that reason.

When I was pregnant with my first son I typed out a weekly update on my progress and what vegetable or fruit the web was comparing him to size-wise, as well as how I felt (about every little thing).  I cried like a lost child when it disappeared due to the death of a computer processor at home.  That was before my days of blogging and I wish so hard that I could have those words back, in the same order.  Just to remember. 

There was a time when I really loved to write essays about the latest novel we just finished in school or about a certain historical period we’d studied in class.  I enjoyed finding meaning in the author’s words or the things that took place in the past.  Symbolism and history repeating itself have always been two of my favorite things.

I’ve written short stories before that never seemed to have quite the right ending.  I’ve written about my grandparents and parents so I can pass these words on to my own children.

I have boxes of letters from friends and cousins, back when we used to write to each other.  I’ve read theirs over again only to try and recall what mine said in return. Did they save them like I did?  Or have my words been sent to some bin, never to be seen again?  I wonder. 

All this to say the joy in writing has been there for me for a long time, in many forms. These days it can be even in something as simple as taking a Sharpie to a napkin and scribbling “I <3 You” for my son to discover in his lunch.  Words just mean SO much to me.

At this point in my life, my blog fills the needs as spiral notebook, journal, short stories (oh so many stories) letters and essays.  And maybe soon I will add poetry to the mix again too…

We shall see.

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  • http://janasthinkingplace.com/ Jana A (@jana0926)

    Ooh, my BFF and I had a notebook we passed back and forth! This is a great post! Thank you for sharing. 

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      I love that you had a notebook too.  I kinda wonder whatever happened to ours.  We did get it back from the boy but not sure what happened after that… 😉  Thanks for reading and commenting! 

  • http://angelaamman.com/ Angela Amman

    Ooooh, I loved those rambling notes of junior high/high school.

    And I love your words now.  I am so happy you are sharing them with us.  Also, you do more than just “shooting” photos; you have such a gift for finding beauty.

    (What an awesome roommate duo you will be!)

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Oh goodness, thank you, Angela.  And yes, MOST excited to room with Erin again! :)  Wish you could come to NYC too! *sad face* 

  • http://twitter.com/storiesuntold7 Kaitlynn

    I remember I had a big blue three ring binder that held endless poetry and short stories. I used to be able to write them so freely. Perhaps it was the angst of a teenager longing to find her way. Hope to see and meet you both at BlogHer12 in NYC! Yay!

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      It does seem like it was a lot easier to get out those feelings back then.  Maybe that means life is “better” now that we do not have as much of that to pen… something to think about… Would be great to meet you too Kaitlynn! :) 

  • http://mamawantsthis.com/ Alison@Mama Wants This

    Your writing roots sound so very simliar to mine! I had an on off journal, wrote copious amounts of letters to pen pals, tried my hand at poetry (I sucked), wrote sarcastic observations of life in my early 20’s during work hours (hehe) and my sister and I even wrote songs. 

    So it’s no surprise really that I’m blogging. It’s only surprising I waited so long to start. 

    Loved your story, Elaine!

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      I want to see the lyrics to one of your songs… 😉 

  • MeaganMusing

    So fun to see your writing history! It seems to have worked out well. I love everything you write! You’re very good at it. :)

    Thanks for sharing Elaine!

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Aw, thanks Meagan!  Such a nice compliment… :) 

  • Cara Smith

    I love this.  I remember passing those spiral notebooks back and forth and them falling into the wrong hands.  Who probably thought we were idiots since our crushes were all coded with Disney names.  I just came across some of my high school writings recently and it reminded me of how much I miss it.

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Disney names? Gah, we totally should have thought of that!!! ;D 

  • http://twitter.com/ksluiter Kate Sluiter

    I kept a written journal (ok, journals…about 10 of them) until I was married.  Then I suddenly didn’t have the itch to write.  It’s like being sad and angsty and confused was the fuel for my scribbles.

    But then I started the blog two years after being married, and I’ve had that for almost 5 years now.

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Same here Kate.  They are kinda fun to go back and read… :) 

  • http://twitter.com/Emmymom2 Emmymom

    I too have always loved writing.  Something about a new clean notebook as a kid just made me want to write.  When I went to the mall I would stop in Walgreens and look up and down the office supply isle- loved it.  I would write story after story- even wrote a short play once that was acted out by the youth of my church.  There is something so magical about writing. 

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      I can relate to just loving paper too.  Probably why I like scrapbooking and card making as well… And yes journals and notebooks too… 

  • http://terrisonoda.net/ Terri Sonoda

    Hi Elaine!  Enjoyed your post!  So many of us can relate to the lifetime of writing down our thoughts and emotions. I went to high school 40 years ago but can still fondly remember passing notebooks back and forth with my best friend.  Nice memories!

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Thanks so much, Terri, glad you liked it! :) 

  • http://twitter.com/sellabitmum Tracy Morrison

    Oh I love seeing/reading Elaine here. She is one of my all time favorite people in this world. Her words draw me in every time and seriously, nobody gives warmer hugs in person. Nobody. Love that girl. 

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Oh Tracy, love you too, friend. xo

  • Bocafrau

    Hi Elaine. Nice to “meet” you. I have kept a journal for as long as I can remember. I even have one now in my nightstand that I write in now and again. I also used to love writing long letters to my family and friends which changed to e-mails… but I have always enjoyed jotting things down to remember. 

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      So nice to “meet” you too! :)  I should start journaling again by hand. If for now other reason so that I can see my handwriting again! Ha!  Oh and I have been known to print out emails as well… 😉

  • http://www.vidyasury.com Vidya Sury

    Hi Elaine. What a sweet post. I still have one of my old diaries, except that I removed some of the pages. And then later, when i learned shorthand, I remember how excited I was to write in those squiggles.  Words are indeed soothing. They build so many emotions for us to experience. Thank you for a great read.

    Thank you, Erin for the lovely inroduction to Elaine!

    • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

      Aw, thank you Vidya! Glad you enjoyed it.  And yes, soothing are the best kind of words! :) 

  • Juliecgardner

    It kind of breaks my heart that my kids (daughter, in particular) won’t be passing notes in school anymore.

    My friends and I wrote pages and pages (and pages) of letters to each other; funny, silly, fictional, heart-wrenching. In a way, these were my first stories, my first memoirs. 

    Notes to my friends were my first real experience with writing something that was not an expository essay. 

    But my kids text each other. And then it is gone. There is no art to it; no loveliness or joy. 
    Just letters and symbols and brevity.

    It’s the soul of wit, I suppose. But I can’t help thinking something is missing.