Her Words Wooed Me Back to Writing

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Please welcome Kir, who is finally a wife after decades of dating, a mommy to twins after years of battling infertility and a writer after filling a mountain of notebooks with her stories. She gives a voice to infertility, fibromyalgia and celebrates other mommies while spinning yarns, eating cupcakes and buying high heels on her blog: TheKirCorner.com.

I know it’s only polite to say nice things about the place we are visiting, but in this case I can’t even contain the smile I have to be HERE, with Erin, in this space.

You see, it’s because of Erin that I am writing the way I am at all these days.
She won’t believe it but I’m going to take you all back and tell you the story that proves without her even knowing and me not really thinking about it until now that Erin is my modern day muse.

Erin and started our relationship in a place of sadness and hopelessness because it was our shared infertility that brought us together. I knew her peripherally on our community boards and when I came back from having the boys I followed (stalked…cough) her blog since she had become a mom to her twin girls through in-vitro like I had.

Little by little we built an online friendship and I often found myself inspired, amused and moved by her tales and stories. I stayed while she changed the name of the blog, the designs and then eventually moved into this beautiful space all the while quietly awed by her raw talent.

Last February, just before my birthday, I was reading Erin’s blog and she was writing a post for the Red Dress Club about character sketches where there needed to be a joke and a cry. I was so intrigued that I followed the link over to the site and well….to say I was smitten is a bit of an understatement, because in truth I found myself head over heels for that writing community.

That day I pushed myself outside of my blogging box and decided to try to write. Write like I hadn’t since my early 20’s, write with imagination and a voice that I had long muted.
I came up with this: Standing in Line. It got five comments from loyal readers who were just as surprised as I was with the new direction I’d chosen that day.

But that piece of fiction lit a fire in my heart and my belly. I found myself daydreaming more, listening to the characters talking in my head as I made dinner and I waited with happy anticipation for the weekly prompts that would spin my stories into reality.

The truth is that I’ve always loved writing. In my earliest memories I can picture myself rolling words and phrases around in my mouth and using a ballpoint pen to spill those images onto the lined pages of my diaries or journals and the loose leaf paper inside my Trapper Keeper but I never envisioned myself as a writer. There was too much pressure associated with that label.

Yet in the past year, I’ve embraced the title and I have found deep, full wells of inspiration of my own making. I believe that the time was just right for it to happen. Call it kismet but I’d found love, I’d survived infertility and I was past the sheen and chaotic time of new motherhood, I was ready to tell my stories.

So thank you Erin, because your talent and abilities set my own in motion and led me to embrace my own “writing roots.”

*thank you so much for inviting me to share your space today, Erin! I am so lucky to have you in my life and so humbled to call you my friend.* (The feeling is mutual, Kirsten!)

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  • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

    Oh you girls, you BOTH inspire me so, SO much.  Like TONS. HUGELY.  

    Get it?? ;-P

    Love you… SO happy to see you here Kir and to know you and your amazing writing. 

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      Oh Elaine, I have been thinking of YOU so much lately, I even have an email started to you so it’s poetic that you are the first comment. I can’t tell you what reading YOU lately has done for ME. I love your words and your honesty. I love your heart.

      thank you for this comment, but please know that I stand in awe of you daily, that YOU and your friendship have changed me. xoxoo

  • http://twitter.com/BocaFrau Susi K

    Isn’t it funny how we find people in this great blogging world and how we get inspired? I found Kir first and then Erin and fell in love with both of your writings and musings and enjoy every piece you write. You are both great and I’m so happy you do what you do!!! 

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      it is, but that’s what I LOVE about the blog world. Susi, having you come into my life has been such a sweet surprise, a happy addition to my life. Thank you for this and for being YOU. xo

  • http://janasthinkingplace.com/ Jana A (@jana0926)

    This is so great! I have to say, Erin wooed me to write a little more openly, too! She’s cool like that! 

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      well she is, Erin is my “imagination instigator”, thanks so much for reading and it’s nice to meet you.

  • http://angelaamman.com/ Angela Amman

    I love this post :)  It’s lovely, Erin, to see where people are discovering their writing roots.  And seeing two of my favorite writers in one place is pretty great, too.

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      Oh you…well after Erin made me excited about writing, then I met YOU…and Greta and the baptism story when you had your old blog with the Teal header. Erin gave me YOU too..so I have lots to be thankful for today. Your writing pushes me every day and your friendship makes me smile every day. I feel like a really lucky girl these days.

  • http://twitter.com/AdrienneSFTS Adrienne

    What a beautiful description of finding your voice! I also love to write and realized how much I need it when I stumbled upon the blogosphere. I love when you say ”
    I found myself daydreaming more, listening to the characters talking in my head as I made dinner and I waited with happy anticipation for the weekly prompts that would spin my stories into reality.” Congrats on this feature here!

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      HI Adrienne (your new blog premieres today doesn’t it?? )
      thank you for this beautiful comment, it’s making me teary. I loved writing this, making myself think of how I came back to REALLY WRITING and finding my voice. I’m so excited to be here and so humbled too. Have a great weekend!!

  • Frelle

    this was amazing to read.  I love learning that youve known each other for years, outside the writing community!! Both of you are such powerful writers, I admire you both not only for that, but for the courage and  honesty you both possess.  You are favorite friends of mine Ive had the pleasure to make as I learn to write, and it’s a joy to see you together here. *HUG*

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      Oh thank you, I agree that Erin is a powerful writer, an inspiration really just like YOU are. I don’t know if I can accept that label, but I do know that writing has saved me many times in the last year. It has given me an outlet and a purpose and I adore it. Thank you for all your support, I want you to know it means so much to me. xo

  • http://twitter.com/sellabitmum Tracy Morrison

    Love seeing and reading two of my favorite writers and women here. Love this series so much. xoxo

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      well this just made my day for sure. Thank you so much Tracy, it’s always nice to hear your words.

  • http://about.me/efloraross Elizabeth Flora Ross

    What an awesome story! I love how much the writers I have connected with online have inspired and helped me! And I know all about the fire… :)

    Great to see you here!

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately too, I didn’t know you had Fibromyalgia (like me) and look at you being YOU.
      the Fire is a good thing, isn’t it? It’s the feeling of connecting with people who inspire me and I love that. Thank you for coming over to say Hi and comment. That means so much to me today Elizabeth :)

  • http://momgotblog.com/ Kelly

    Oh, I love how you have inspired eachother!! Kir, I am so proud of you for pushing past your doubts and letting the muse shine through. You have a gift…as does Erin and you both are fabulous!

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      OH Kelly, not half as fabulous as you are! I tell you often, but I stand in awe of all you do. ALL OF IT. Thank you for giving me your friendship and always supporting me , it means the world to me, as do you.

  • Juliecgardner

    Kir + Erin = Two of the kindest, most supportive bloggers I’ve *met* on the internet together in one place.

    And it’s a Friday. What could be better?I wish I had words of wisdom or inspiration to share, an anecdote of my own to inform the post; but I was stopped cold by the SHUT UP AND START WRITING box.In a good way.Yes. I must do this. Now.I need to stop cruising email and twitter and blog sites and write. After all, it is a Friday. So cheers to you ladies. I adore you both.

    (I know. Write, Julie. Write!)

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      OH Julie, is there ANYONE more adorable and special than you? thank you for this and now that I’ve gushed all over you…please go and WRITE, because I love your words my friend. xo

  • http://profiles.google.com/mommynanibooboo Jenni Chiu

    Aw, yay.
    Erin is a lovely writer… and how nice to be introduced to you, Kir!  May the well of inspiration remain deep and full. :)

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      Hi Jenni, so nice to meet you too. I’m so glad to be introduced to the women who love Erin today, because she’s amazing. thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot to me.

  • http://www.literalmom.com/ Missy | Literal Mom

    I love this story so much!  Who KNEW what amazing things we could all help each other achieve, just by being here online together.  I love you words, Kir.  Every time I read them, I get chills.  

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      STOP making me cry. Seriously Missy, you just move me to tears every day. It’s not a bad thing, but wow, it’s humbling.

      The truth is that knowing you has changed me, maybe I should write to you and tell you how much you mean to me. It would be a small novel my friend.

      love you xoxo

  • http://www.angiekinghorn.com/ Angie

    Kir, I didn’t realize you had twins! I’m a mom of twins, too. And also scared of the pressure that comes with labeling myself a writer. Your post really resonated with me. You’re right, Erin is a beautiful writer, and you are, too. Write on Edge is a great place to be pushed. Thank you for the post–I needed it today. And if I could print out the “shut up and start writing” poster for my wall, I so would!

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      HI Angie, Moms of Twins Rule, right??? :) I’m always so glad when someone tells me that MY words resonated, because I don’t see myself that way at all, but I do like knowing that things I’m feeling touched other people. So thank you for that. I found that on Pinterest, I bet you could get it and put it on your wall ;) Or as your desktop wallpaper xo

      • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin margolin

        Butting in, Angie & Kir! Yes, moms of twins rule—we need our own acronym. But something cool, not just MOTR. Thoughts?

  • Gooddayregularpeople

    I think it was John who said, “I write because my world is better when I do.”


    And, yes, Erin can write circles around anybody. I wish she’d believe that.

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      ah Alexandra, thank you for stopping by, for lifting me up, for giving me that quote.

      Erin is amazing, it’s been so nice to be here and tell her so.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin margolin

      Alexandra. I have no words. Thank you. Maybe someday I will believe. Someday.

  • http://mamawantsthis.com/ Alison@Mama Wants This

    However you found your writing roots my dear Kir, I’m glad you did. 

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      You help me find it again, every single day!!! xoxo

  • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin margolin

    Dearest Kirsten,

    You’ve blown me away. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you consider me a part of your inspiration. Thank you for that, and for honoring me by sharing this post here. You are a gem!

    • http://www.thekircorner.com Kir

      OH Erin,
      I’ll never be the writer YOU are, but thank you for letting me share my story here and THANK YOU for leading me back to words. It’s changed my life and so have you. xo