Why American Airlines Rocks

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I left Blissdom early due to an(other) snowpocalypse. I was originally scheduled to depart tomorrow, but due to 10ish inches of snow scheduled to fall tonight in KC, I decided to holla at American Airlines to see if I could beat the storm home. And thus avoid becoming stranded in the maze this lab rat calls the Gaylord Texan.


The Gaylord Texan. Every directionally-challenged person’s worst nightmare.

Many of you know I’m a panicky girl, so I take Valium. I’d started freaking out about this storm when we arrived in Dallas on Thursday. It’s quite likely everyone my roommates thought I was overreacting; however, when I heard my friend Shelly Kramer, also from KC, was leaving early, I knew my fears were legit so I hurried to see about changing my flight.



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I was unable to change my ticket via the website, so I called American Airlines. Just waiting on hold (for 30 minutes) nearly sent me into a full-blown anxiety attack.  So I sat on the floor of the hotel charging all my electronics and hopped onto Twitter. Sensing my frazzled state, my lovely friend Casey quickly sent me American’s Twitter handle. My husband loathes my being on Twitter, but he just doesn’t get it.


american airlines logo.png

American Airlines rocks!


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I tweeted them asking for help and within a minute or two they replied and asked me to DM my confirmation number. I assumed this would be a debacle because everyone knows you can’t DM someone who isn’t following you.

YO YO YO! American Airlines is following me! I had a lovely DM chat with Ann at American Airlines following this exchange, and she was like Mary Poppins: fixed everything, made a seat on today’s flight magically appear, and put my name on it. No charge. No waiting on hold.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 2.15.25 PM

Let’s note a few important details:

  • I am not a frequent flyer. Period.
  • I am not an AAdvantage Member.
  • I am not a member of the military.
  • I do not have special needs, nor was I traveling with children.
  • I’m just a random person who happened to have a plane ticket.
  • I wasn’t flying first class.
  • I wasn’t flying business class.
  • I wasn’t a member of their elite club thingie.
  • I just happened to be flying American.

 To recap:

9:00 a.m. today — sitting in keynote with phenomenal Susan Cain & Danielle Smith talking about introverts & extroverts while texting my sitter and sweating over the impending snowstorm.

10:00 a.m. — chatting with friends and find out Shelly Kramer has LEFT THE PREMISES.

10:43 a.m. — confirm with Shelly that she is, in fact, en route to DFW.

11:00 a.m. — get on hold with American Airlines.

11:15 a.m. — freaking out while simultaneously trying to tweet/DM airlines.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 9.56.09 PM

11:43 a.m. — email confirmation of ticket change arrives, but by this time I’m already up in the room throwing all my crap in my suitcase because Ann has told me it’s a done deal.






I’m thinking maybe it’s time to sign up for one of those frequent flyer clubs. Even if I don’t fly frequently. Perhaps I’ll be more likely to choose American from now on. Maybe I can convince them to start a direct flight between KC & New Orleans?!

Thank you,  Ann and American Airlines, for getting this plain old regular customer home today ahead of Snowmageddon 3.0.

p.s. The nice gentleman who checked my bag outside did not charge me for checking my bag. More brownie points for American!

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  • RandomHandprints

    I love, love, love stories of good customer service! Yay for big companies doing good for regular folks!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I know! This worked out so well & I’ve never been so relieved and felt so lucky. It all worked out despite my stress!

  • http://www.facebook.com/hollynyny Holly Rosen Fink

    I absolutely love this story. It restores my faith in the airlines.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Let’s just hope that when I fly home alone with all 3 girls for the first time on Southwest in 2 weeks that I’ll have another great customer service story to share?!?!?! Cross your fingers for me!

  • http://twitter.com/goodgirlgonered Andrea B

    That’s awesome. I’m sorry you had to leave early, but I hope you enjoyed and I’m glad you’re home safe and sound!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I know, leaving early was hard, but at least dealing with American was the easy part. I was never so relaxed as I was once I boarded that plane!

  • http://writingwishing.com/ Alison

    That’s amazing customer service! Glad you got home safe and sound.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Yep–and proof my husband needs to get on the Twitter bandwagon—any ideas? Maybe I need to post about that, LOL!

  • Jess

    And that is customer service and social media at its finest. Bummed you left, but glad you made it home.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Exactly. I was bummed to leave too, believe me. I’m still feeling it. Well, I think it’s the general conference hangover/depression thing, but I hate that I missed the last day and night. Oh well. Maybe BlogHer will make up for it! ;-)

  • Robin @ Farewell Stranger

    Awesome. I work for an airline and this is what we do too. (My brother is actually the social media person.) It makes a difference, as you now know!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      The part I left out? Is that the woman who finally got on the phone (after being on hold FOREVER) told me there were no seats left for that day. So interesting that Twitter person was able to help me….soooo glad I tried that way!

  • http://twitter.com/saving4someday Sara Hawkins

    Erin, I am so glad to hear this. It makes my heart so happy b/c someone else told me they did not have such a great experience and when I shared it with you I totally felt bad. I’m glad you ignored my stupid commentary and are now home safely and while I missed seeing your smiling face again, I’m just so glad I was able to spend time with you for a little while at BlissDom!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      DO NOT FEEL BADLY! YOU ARE BEING SILLY! It turns out my original flight out came in to KC on time, as planned, and I could’ve stayed. But the not knowing and the stress wouldn’t have been worth it and really felt relieved once I got home. I’m soooo bummed I missed the last day and night of the conference, but…..oh well. I missed seeing you again, too, but I’m so glad we had BlissMitzvah—by far best one yet!! xoxoxoxo

  • http://randomblogette.com/ Jayme

    Now that is some amazing customer service and social media management! I wish that all companies were like that.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Well, I’m sure they’re all not like that all the time…I got lucky this time. But it was SO LUCKY it was worth writing about and sharing. Yay! #win

  • http://twitter.com/RASJacobson Renee Jacobson

    So glad you got home safely. Speaking as a BlissDom roomie, I knew you were stressed. And I’m sure that you felt a lot of relief getting home. So glad that American Airlines made your life easier! And I have to tell you about last night with Kelly! :)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I just hope I wasn’t totally aggravating you guys w/ my stress levels. Someone else since I returned home also said something and I’m beginning to think I need to talk to my psych again. Thoughts on that? And yes, I have to hear about the last night w/ Kelly that I missed out on!

  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    I love to hear stories of great customer service! It is nice to know that there are still companies that will go that little extra step to help their customers. Glad you got home safely ahead of the storm.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I do, too! I’m glad I beat the storm as well. Now my next trip? I may not be so lucky….flying ALONE with my three girls (youngest is 17 months) FOR THE FIRST TIME. No husband with me. Solo. God help me!

  • Susi

    Sometimes you just get so lucky and great customer service is still to be found. I love Twitter for that reason… it’s so much easier to get a hold of brands and let them know what’s what. Of course, you also get the other side of them feeding you line after line after line of 40 characters – GoDaddy gets major boos from me on that one – long story. Hope you had a great flight and made it home safely. :)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      SO true. I did have a great flight, made it home just as the snow began. It only started sticking on the ride home from the airport. So all in all, I’m so happy I reached out to American on Twitter and that things worked out the way they did!

  • Dawn Sticklen

    Love it! First, tell your husband that THIS is why you use Twitter! Second, I was in KC yesterday for a volleyball tournament that they didn’t cancel until 6 p.m. Don’t get me started on the genius that was in charge of that. Anyway, we drove home to Joplin in that storm – it took us 4 hours to make a trip that usually only takes around 2 1/2. Quite frankly, we’re not sure how we made it home in one piece. You were right to panic, that storm is a doozy. Glad you’re home safe and sound!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I can’t believe they didn’t cancel the tourney until that late WHEN YOU HAD TO MAKE THAT KIND OF DRIVE HOME—in that weather?!?!!? omg! The roads were terrible that night, from what I heard (I don’t know b/c I didn’t leave my house until 36+ hours later after plows/salt/roads cleared). And yes, going to make sure husband hears/reads this!

  • http://twitter.com/TheDoseTweets The Dose of Reality

    I absolutely ADORE reading stories of exceptional customer service. Bravo to you for highlighting it! It is so lacking these days that when it happens I want to shout about it from the rooftops! :)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

      Dose of Reality/Ash,

      Thanks! I do too, and was so eager to write this and give them the kudos they deserve….thanks for reading & sharing!!

  • Ally

    Wow, Erin, this rocks. So often all we hear is the travel horror stories. It does my heart good to hear a great airline customer service story!
    (And for those who think twitter isn’t for them – they need to think again!)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Well, now I’m nervous b/c I am flying alone with all 3 girls for the first time (i.e. no husband w/ me) next week. Freaking out slightly. ANy advice?!!? I don’t get lucky twice in a row like this…LOL. cross your fingers for me (at least the flight is direct).

  • http://www.fromtracie.com From Tracie

    I’m so glad they worked with you and helped you to get home safely.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Thanks! me too! ;-)

  • http://twitter.com/momgosomething Kimberly M

    Twitter…she’s a powerful thing. Too bad Ford Canada never got that memo. I’m glad that you made it home. I would have been having a huge meltdown!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      She is indeed. But yes, I wish my husband and so many others would get with the program…and also? I was TOTALLY having a huge meltdown! ;-( I think everyone has written me off as a complete headcase.

  • http://twitter.com/Jen_P_Williams Jennifer P. Williams

    I’m so glad they were able to take care of you and navigated you through everything so that you wouldn’t freak out. Too much. ;)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      First off, are you healthy? Did you escape the stomach bug? I am so bummed I missed the last day/night. Grrrr. And I MISS YOU!!! xoxoxoxo

  • FadraN

    Good for you and SO much better than my AA experience. My only takeway was that the on-the-ground personal hate their jobs, could care less about the passengers, enjoying bestowing condescension, and fly really, really old planes. Like, so old, I was nervous. But at least you found the shining star amidst all that!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I was truly surprised by this whole serendipitous event—these kinds of things usually blow up in my face. I think I happened to get really lucky. And thank goodness for Twitter.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenni.chiu1 Jenni Chiu

    Awesome. This is how technology and social media is supposed to work between people and companies! It’s nice to hear a good story… for a change…

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I know what you mean. I could write a pretty bitchy post about Southwest after what I just went through, but I don’t have the energy! LOL

  • http://aladyinfrance.com/ A Lady in France

    I love it when customer service is actually customer service!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

      Lady Jennie,

      I know–it seems to happen so infrequently these days! Is France different in this regard, though? It seems like it would be better overseas….

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  • Kiran

    I’m glad you got home safe and sound! we missed you the last day, but it sounds like you had a seamless experience. Love when that happens!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Thanks so much, sweetie! I’m sorry I was such a downer and I hope my stress wasn’t aggravating you too much. I’m not normally that overwhelmed and that was by far my WORST Blissdom experience ever—not b/c of the conference, but b/c of all the stress I was under plus the snowstorm and getting home, etc….thank you for putting up with me! And thank you for my necklace, I love it! xoxo

  • http://www.worldsworstmoms.com/ Tammy

    I have to say, I’m shocked. Maybe American has undergone some massive customer service makeover because over the last 30ish(?) years that I’ve had to deal with them, everyone I’ve run into is pretty much rude, condescending, unhelpful, incompetent, apathetic, or some combination of those five lovely traits. So I’m glad you had such a good outcome because I get all freaky-stressed out in those situations, too. Unfortunately, valium makes me sleepy. And that doesn’t help anything.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      It’s funny, though. Different experiences at different times…Next time w/ American could be bad. I think it’s a totally random thing sometimes!