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Mom Blogger Friends: Please Help My Research-y Friends!

For my fellow mom friends who blog: My very dear friends Shelly Kramer and Wendy Scherer do a lot in the mom and parent blogger space, especially when it comes to gathering data and research – and helping brands and … Continue reading

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Tell Them You Love Them.

My dear friends, Shelly and Mark Kramer, lost Mark’s father this week to Alzheimer’s. I have no words. The death of a loved one and/or family member sucks. The Kramers also said goodbye to their two beloved dogs, Bella and Sophie, late last year. So … Continue reading

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Dream a Little Dream With Me.

I wake, the fingers of a dream still clutching at my shirt sleeve. It’s my college graduation, but for some reason we’re at my old high school. Talented Beau who always has star roles in our plays is flying high above the brown cafeteria tables, … Continue reading

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Love Makes Me Happy. Especially Linky Love.

Over the weekend, my sweet friend Amy Oscar sent me to read a glorious post by Lisa Merrai Labon. It’s called “Raising Kick-Ass Girls,” and you need to read it STAT. Like, yesterday. It was my wake-up call, exactly what I needed … Continue reading

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Do We Have the Gimmies? And Too Much Stuff?

(photo courtesy of Amazon.com) Lately there’s a lot of loud humming in my head. There’s too much of it this time of year when the toy commercials come on constantly, the newspaper arrives loaded with extra ads and inserts what a waste … Continue reading

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Gratitude. (And Fear)

I’m linking up today with the Red Dress Club to talk about what I’m grateful for. I am grateful for so many things: my freedom of speech, my nice house and my mama minivan. Grateful for my family and friends, my … Continue reading

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Friday Dare–What I Did to Make Someone Smile Today (Including Myself)!

So the inimitable @ShellyKramer threw the gauntlet this morning. She issued a dare on her V3im blog, wherein she challenged us to make someone smile today. Not being one to back down on something this easy, I went right out and … Continue reading

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Shelly Kramer and I Are Buying a Cow. You Should, Too.

Yes, I know the title is misleading because, well, I’ve recently gone vegetarian. But because I have not converted my husband or kidlets, I am still buying meat for them. My social media expert and very knowledgeable BFF @ShellyKramer approached … Continue reading

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Trip to the KC Zoo

We caught the sea lion show upon our arrival, and it was fantastic! The kids got to see them really close up (this guy was right on the other side of the gate, within touching distance). Here are some cute … Continue reading

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www.whirlygirls.com My friend Shelly designs jewelry. Here’s her site. I am not a fancy jewelry person, but she made me a necklace with my daughters’ names on it, and I wear it all the time. She also made them bracelets with their … Continue reading

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