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#AskAwayFriday With Katie Sluiter

I’m joining Katie of Sluiter Nation today for #AskAwayFriday! Below are the questions Katie gave me, and I’m answering them for all of you today. Be sure to head over to her place to read her answers to MY (burning) … Continue reading

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A Jew Haiku

A Jew Haiku           They made mezuzahs. Little things make me happy. I love my daughters.  

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Things That Make Shosh Uncomfortable : Magic Mike

While fretting over her graduate research on Emma Lazarus’ literary fight against anti-Semitism, Shoshana Martyniak found herself pregnant with her second child. A bit surprised, she refocused: leaving her almost decade-long writing instructor job to run a monthly Jewish publication, she became, … Continue reading

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What do YOU do?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my job description because I loathe the question “What do you do?” and because I’m too chicken shit to call myself a writer when push comes to shove (and because I’m not “just a mom”). … Continue reading

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Candle 5: Embrace Your Inner Jew During Hanukkah Hoopla!

      I made this vlog last year for my old blog (The Mother Load), but was looking for a reason to run it again this year when Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson of Lessons From Teachers and Twits contacted me … Continue reading

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I Believe.

I believe in giving lots of hugs, and holding on tight. I believe in family. I believe in apologizing when I’ve hurt someone. I believe in second chances, and sometimes third chances. I believe in standing up for my beliefs. I believe … Continue reading

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Guest Post via The Crazy Baby Mama : The Rabbit & the Rabbi

Please welcome Sarah, The Crazy Baby Mama, (@_CrazyBabyMama_ on Twitter, don’t forget the underscores!) who has agreed to a little cross-pollination today! Below you will find one of her most hilarious posts, and if you hop over to her blog today, you’ll … Continue reading

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The Ritual of Relaxation is Foreign to Me; or, Stolen Moments.

I am a Jew. Please don’t stop reading, I swear this is not a post about religion because that is something I don’t typically write about on my blog. One of the most important Jewish traditions is the ritual of observing … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Bird Lady & What Little Jewish Girls Do With Easter Baskets

Just for Ian over at The Daily Dose of Reality, I am participating in Wordless Wednesday, which I don’t normally do. Because Ian is a fellow Jew, I know he especially will appreciate photos of my little Jewish darlings at their first … Continue reading

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Kelly from Speaking From the Crib & The Mother Load– are Schlepping From the Synagogue!

I helped Kelly over at Speaking From the Crib with a Hanukkah-related post for today. Go check her out & see! I have really enjoyed working with Kelly. She is so sweet & thoughtful and I love that she was … Continue reading

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