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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

Today’s (completely) optional prompt: Blessings Join me and link up over at Jana’s place! I’m surrounded by blessings every day: my in-vitro twinkies and my third surprise/ miracle baby. I’m blessed to have my husband, who’s stood by and supported … Continue reading

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In This Moment, I Am Happy.

**linking up with Jana for SOC Sunday. Go HERE to join me!** i’m playing volleyball on the beach. i haven’t played since PE in high school. somehow i still serve well. there’s sand on the bridge of my nose under … Continue reading

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Warm & Fuzzy

    Today’s (totally optional) prompt: What makes you feel cozy or safe? Join up at Jana’s Thinking Place! I think I might change this up a bit to “warm & fuzzy…” ***** miracle baby’s socks with dirty tops from crawling … Continue reading

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First Date With Erin

Linking up with Jana over at Jana’s Thinking Place for SOC (Stream of Consciousness) Sunday. I’m not doing the prompt today because it has to do with what I majored in and that stresses me out. So you get this … Continue reading

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Playing House : A Guest Post by Jana Anthoine

**a special thank you to Jana, who whipped up this post in no time, and I love it! I think it’s something many of us can relate to. Jana, I’m honored to have you (again), and I appreciate your help … Continue reading

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I’m Going Under.

I’m going under. Anesthesia, that is. Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m having surgery for a very stubborn hernia (third time’s a charm?) and having my tubes tied at the same time (killing two birds with one stone). In my absence, some incredible … Continue reading

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From a Pecan to a Majestic Magnolia

Today begins a new feature here on my blog. I’m not sure I have a name for it yet (my only goofy inclination so far has been “Show Me YOUR Roots” because I show you mine all the time), but … Continue reading

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