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I will. I WILL. Will you?

I will speak up more like Christine Organ did in her Huffington Post piece: It is time that the countless persons of faith who, like me, favor marriage equality start voicing our support just as loudly — no, louder — than those … Continue reading

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Rita Arens: The Obvious Game Cover Reveal!

I’m thrilled to be part of the cover reveal and giveaway for Rita Arens’ new YA novel, The Obvious Game. I first heard Rita speak on a panel at Blissdom several years ago and she left a huge impression on … Continue reading

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Road, Roots and Growth

Special thanks to Khristian Howell and Michelle Mangen for designing my beautiful button! My brain is brimming with Blissdom takeaways. I’m all swirly with realizations. 1.) I’m afraid to make myself vulnerable to others. I’m terrified of rejection. Hours are spent worrying … Continue reading

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Love Makes Me Happy. Especially Linky Love.

Over the weekend, my sweet friend Amy Oscar sent me to read a glorious post by Lisa Merrai Labon. It’s called “Raising Kick-Ass Girls,” and you need to read it STAT. Like, yesterday. It was my wake-up call, exactly what I needed … Continue reading

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Dude, Where’s My Blog?

So I’m here. At Blissdom. In Nashville. All I can say is? It’s eleven kinds of awesome. Part of me feels like I don’t belong here Amongst all these super smart people. (This is not just the low-brow Chardonnay talking) I … Continue reading

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Blissdom, here I come!

As if this space isn’t already selfish enough about me, I thought I’d copy Crayon Wrangler and write a special post dedicated to Blissdom, the upcoming conference I’m attending. Just so we can get the initial awkwardness over with, I’m … Continue reading

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