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Cry It Out — a Parenting Primer

Cry It Out, or CIO as well-seasoned parents refer to it, is not fun. I did it with the twins and lived to tell about it. I didn’t think I’d ever have to do it again; but then I had … Continue reading

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Redux: Giving Up the Good Girl

**I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell here on the blog, so today I’m taking an old post & revamping it. Hope you enjoy! What do you do when your writing well runs dry, or you don’t have … Continue reading

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In My Next Life

in my next life i shall be a midwife, catching slippery babies in my arms each day. holding new life in my hands and watching the purplish faces change to red, the first breaths, the first cries. watching miracles happen … Continue reading

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Hooter Hiders & a Winner!

I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting, I suck. Thank you all SO MUCH for your interest in and support of my Earth Day Giveaway! The winner is Lisa, @Varunner7, who blogs over at Two Bears Farm. Lisa, as soon as I get your … Continue reading

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In Vitro Fertilization, My Hero

It’s a chilly March morning in 2005 as I wait for you to become mine. Overland Park Regional’s exam room is so cold that my teeth won’t stop chattering and the hair on my arms stands straight up, a forest of fuzz. Shivering in only a scratchy short-sleeved hospital … Continue reading

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getting sentimental

look where they started out—-in the NICU with feeding tubes. About 4-5 days old here. this is abby, maybe around 6 months old…. abby (L) and izzy (R) wearing Dan’s 1st Father’s Day present Izzy and me, probably around 4 … Continue reading

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