Sunday Stealing –The Strange Question Meme, Part 1

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If you’d like to play along, check out Sunday Stealing!

1. What is the color of your toothbrush? white with some blue and green

2. Name one person who made you smile today. My daughter Izzy

3. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? Chowing down on my breakfast and praying that Abby poops today

4. What were you doing 45 minutes ago?dreaming about Halloween candy

5. What is your favorite candy bar? Heath! Not that I allow myself to have them very much.

6. Have you ever been to a strip club?once when we lived in NOLA many years ago

7. What is the last thing you said aloud? “Abby, I don’t want to hear it anymore!”

8. What is your favorite ice cream? Baskin Robbins peanut butter & chocolate. Or strawberry. It’s a toss up.

9. What was the last thing you had to drink? water

10. Do you like your wallet? yes

11. What was the last thing you ate? chili

12. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? yes

13. The last sporting event you watched? Snippets of a Chiefs game

14. What is your favorite flavor of popcorn?cheese

15. Who is the last person you sent a text message to? my dad, but have no idea if he got it or if he even knows how to text

16. Ever go camping? no

17. Do you take vitamins daily? most days I do.

18. Do you go to church every Sunday? I’m a Jew. So I don’t go to church. I go to synagogue 1-2 times a month, depending….

19. Do you have a tan? definitely not

20. Do you prefer Chinese food over pizza? yes. I love me some crab rangoon, General Tso’s chicken, and fortune cookies!

21. Do you drink your soda with a straw? I quit soda a few months back and I’m so glad I did! But before that I did not drink with a straw.

22. What did your last text message say? “on the ground in memphis” (from my mom who sadly just left today to fly back home to NOLA)

23. What are you doing tomorrow? errands, Jazzercise, and hopefully having a play date with a new bloggy friend and her daughter….

24. Favorite color? PINK

25. Look to your left; what do you see? the fridge

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  • Margaret

    Wish I could cut out sodas. I have tried but it all right now that helps with my migranes

  • Lee the Hot Flash Queen


  • kys

    What Lee said.

  • Stephanie Faris

    Cute! Lots of questions. Nobody has a tan this time of year, do they? Except maybe professional cheerleaders and beauty queens.

  • Tater Tot Mom

    That is exactly what I get from the Chinese place! Gotta love crab rangoon-now if they could only make them fat free so I could just eat a dozen of those!

  • Veronica

    Good for you on the no soda.

    I should do that, I'm such a coke zero junkie

  • blueviolet

    I used to love Heath bars and then I was converted to Skor! After you had this dream about Halloween candy, did you eat some?

  • Matty

    The best part of these types of memes is that you get to know the other bloggers better.

    "Abby, I don't want to hear it anymore!"………spoken like a true parent. LOL

  • MJ

    hmm, if I ever get a chance to have a play date with you (like that will EVER happen because of the distance) I will have to make a HEATH Bar cake – It is PURE heaven – I guess I could send you the recipe.

    I just had Gen Tso's yesterday for supper – yum yum

    oh I could go on commenting, but I will not create a post size comment :o)

  • Tattoos and Teething Rings

    Great answers- I don't drink soda either, I hate carbonation.

  • Always a Southern Girl

    What a fun meme! Do you do it every Sunday? I would love to join in. My favorite Chinese food is Crab Rangoon.

    Are you a Saints fan? Who Dat?

  • The Grown-Up Child

    I *love* peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robins. When I was pregnant, I would go and get a double scoop waffle cone with that on the bottom and cotton candy flavor on top. My husband would almost gag watching me eat it, but it was oh so good to me! 😉

  • Helene

    If you love Heath bars, you've got to try Breyer's Heath Bar Crunch ice cream!!! It's sinfully delicious!!

  • Poconut

    #3 – 1/4 tsp flaxseed meal, probiotics and prune juice/prunes! 😉

  • Poconut

    #3 – 1/4 tsp flaxseed meal, probiotics and prune juice/prunes! 😉

  • Live.Love.Eat

    Good stuff. And I love your profile. I could totally go a couple of days without a shower so I understand. But that's just on the weekends since I do have to go to work during the week. If I worked at home I probably would never shower :)

    Thanks so much for sharing in my SITS day last week, really appreciate it!!!!!!