Sunday Stealing–the ABC’s of Meme

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If you’d like to play along, go here. I love me some Sunday Stealing! Especially when I should be plunging the toilet my daughter just clogged up.

A- Advocate for: Jews, homosexuals, Alzheimer’s patients, moms of multiples

B- Best Feature: my boobs. Only because they’re not real, you know.

C- Could do without: bad hair days and clogged toilets.

D- Dreams and desires: I want to write a book. It’s going to be years, people. I have no idea what it will be like or about. I’ve recently been thinking something along the lines of “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” by David Sedaris. Which, if you haven’t already read, you must go get. Now.

E- Essential items: tweezers. laptop. Burt’s Bees lotions & products.

F- Favorite past time: reading, writing, blogging. It’s a three-way tie.

G- Good at: um, nagging? yelling? making my kids cry?

H- Have never tried: skydiving. Botox. pole dancing. gambling. cocaine.

I- If I had a million dollars: I’d donate a bunch to charity, but would buy a new wardrobe for myself because apparently mine isn’t good enough and I “dress like crap.”

J- Junkie for: blogging.

K- Kindred spirit: all of my new bloggy buds–you know who you are. Snarkler 2010!

L- Little known fact: I read so well & so voraciously from a young age that when I started 2nd grade, the teachers put me in reading class with the 5th graders. Which worked out well because I remember feeling very bored and frustrated with my peers. They were having trouble reading Dr. Seuss and I had already read Ramona Quimby and Superfudge.

M- Memorable moment: When Hubby’s groomsmen dropped me during the Hora at our wedding (the traditional dance when the bride and groom are carried around while seated on chairs). And on the way down from my chair I flashed my lacy white skivvies to all our guests. Super!

N- Never again will I: Dance drunkenly on a table at Cabo Wabo.

O- Occasional indulgence: pie. almost any kind will do, but preferably apple or pumpkin.

P- Profession: mother of twins, aspiring famous writer.

Q- Quote: “Whatever you want to do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” Goethe

R- Reason to smile: It’s fall. The leaves are changing. My kids are cute (mostly) and my husband loves me (most of the time).

S- Sorry about: yelling at Izzy for clogging up the terlet.

T- Things you are worrying about right now: whether or not I’ll have to call Roto Rooter about this here clogged terlet.

U- Uninterested in: golf, unfortunately for my husband

V- Very scared of: flying roaches and/or the regular variety. Fortunately there aren’t many of them in Kansas!

W- Worst habits: self-deprecation

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot: Italy. Have never been there…

Y – Yummiest dessert: pie, but also Bananas Foster, which I haven’t made in a very long time.

Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo, baby.

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  • WhisperingWriter

    I loved those Ramona and Fudge books :)

  • kys

    You sound like me with the early reading thing. My school didn't believe in switching kids around though so I sat. I was going to say the exact same thing in the Kindred Spirit line. (really)

    Yeah for pie, fall, and laptops!

  • Lee the Hot Flash Queen

    Fake boobs?? Really??

  • Daffy

    Fake Boobs? I'm so jealous

  • Shannon

    Yay for A and why didn't I think of pole dancing on H. Oh, I meant to put that on whichever one stood for aspirations? But that would have a ripple effect and change a bunch of the other letters…

  • Tracie

    So I am guessing that you are having some problems with your toilet…?

    I loved the Ramona books when I was a kid!

  • SupahMommy

    what is this snarklers 2010 and why wasn't i informed of its creation?

    ohyes. and ..
    fake boobs?? I'm so jealous.

    ramona was my idol

    i call my MnM ramona


  • kys

    Something for you at SFA when the next post goes up.

  • Holly

    Reading your list…kinda of thinking we were separated at birth. He, he for B..I was going to put that, but I got old and had kids. Many people have told me W is a bad habit of mine too…and I know it is..I am in denial.

  • Susan Berlien (warmchocmilk)

    I'm too chicken to get fake boobs, although I sometimes dream of it. I want to be a writer too, maybe someday :)

  • Helene

    I could never get a boob job, only because my hands would be constantly glued to them just to check to make sure they haven't fallen to my knees yet (ya know,kinda like they are right now)

    I haven't tried pole dancing either but I hear it's good exercise. I wonder if it's more fun than the elliptical??

    Thanks for the follow…it's always nice to meet other twin moms! I'm following you now too!

  • Tattoos and Teething Rings

    Thank you for becoming a follower, I love your blog style!

  • Charisse and Holly

    Love "D", wish I had "B", need you to advocate for my undiagnosed alzheimers. Motherhood has taken all my braincells. Have a great day,
    Holly at

  • Charisse and Holly

    Hi there, I was gone all weekend…and in a frenzy on Friday. So, I think I forgot to tell you there is an award for you on our blog. I did two award posts, and I'm 99% sure it is in the first on on Sunday. Cheers:)

  • Nicolasa

    I don't like golf either and I am totally a blog junkie! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love stir-fry's stuff, too!

  • mama-face

    Best meme ever. I love that you share so much with your blogger friends.

    haha…all the comments about your boobs?! LOL…
    Yeah, I was gonna say something too.