Stream of Consciousness Sunday

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Today’s (completely) optional prompt: Blessings

Join me and link up over at Jana’s place!

I’m surrounded by blessings every day: my in-vitro twinkies and my third surprise/ miracle baby.

I’m blessed to have my husband, who’s stood by and supported me, especially these last few months during the stress of The Gay Dad Project…when there was no dinner on the table; when I was stressed and short with him; when all I could do was cry; when I stayed up til all hours of the night while he went to bed alone.

I’m blessed to want for nothing and to be able to pursue my dreams. I’m blessed to have so many supportive, giving, kind friends who believe in me, my mission, and my ability to do this “thing,” make this documentary.

I’m blessed to have parents who encourage me to share my story, who love me unconditionally, and who don’t mind my spilling our family’s not-so-secret guts for all to see.

I’m blessed to be part of the Listen To Your Mother Show team and I’m excited to be interviewed By 41 Action News tomorrow with my kick-ass partner-in-crime, Laura Seymour.


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  • Greta Funk

    You are blessed, and you are loved. :)

  • Mamaintheburbs

    Erin I loved that you linked to old posts bc now I’m sitting here reading your blog back when you went thru IVF. I also did 6 rounds of IVF, got pg three times thru three cycles but miscarried them. Finally decided to adopt! Your writing is beautiful! I’m so glad we have met! You inspire me to finally start blogging again!

  • Sandra

    This post reads like things are really coming along for the best. Happy for you!

  • Alison

    You are so loved, my friend. xoxo

  • TheDiamondGal

    You are blessed.

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  • Dayle L. Fraschilla

    Love this, Erin <3