Senior Hottie

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Today I’m linking up with the lovely Liz of A Belle, a Bean & a Chicago Dog for a fun blast from the past. In other words, I’m posting embarrassing photos of myself so you can laugh at me from the privacy of your own home.

Just so you have a basis for comparison/some perspective, this is my freshman year photo circa 1991. Before I knew what tweezers were (note the rather large caterpillars on my face), but after I had become well aquainted with braces. Before I knew to stop using hairspray on my bangs, and before I decided to get smart and grow my hair out.

Awkward 13, braces & all.

And then in 1994 I was a senior. I’d grown my bangs and hair out. I bought my own tweezers (for better or worse, not sure), and actually got a boyfriend. While he doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be with me, I can assure you I didn’t pay him to take me to Senior Prom. Much to my father’s chagrin, we dated off and on for a year or two. Fortunately for me, he ended up blowing me off. Nice bra strap, Erin.

Me and my boyfriend after graduation, 6/1/94

Posing on the day of graduation– you can even see the real date in the corner of the photo! Girls wore white floor length dresses and guys wore white tuxes. Senior Prom followed our graduation ceremony.

Yes, Liz, apparently we all had to flaunt our up-dos!

I can’t take the blame for my pose below. The photographer gave us directions to look this way, that way, tilt chin up/down, where to put our hands, etc…oy. This is the one that appears in the yearbook. See? No bangs!

Senior photo, Class of '94

 So there you have it! I was a Senior Hottie! Not. You have until the end of the day tomorrow (Monday) to link up with Liz, so get out your old photos and hop to it!

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  • Terri Sonoda

    You are beautiful Erin….now and then.  Loved the pictures!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Terri! 😉
      You should link up, even if it’s late!

  • Heather Ostrom

    Girl … outsider perspective, you were hot. Lucky b@stard that guy was to even be next to you. 😉 I know you have seen my gosh-awful picture with the purple/white rod perm with the Salon Selectives crunchy curls. Love this post … hottie! :-) H

    • Anonymous


      Salon Selectives, OMG! That was the stuff that smelled like apples, right? Pinkish bottle? LOVED that stuff. ANd no, I’m not sure I’ve seen that Hottie pic of you, so give it up! xoxoxoxo

  • Alexes Covington

    You were a senior hottie Erin. And that boy was lucky to go with to you to prom…

    • Anonymous


      There’s more to the story behind that guy…but it’s rated R so couldn’t put it on the blog. HAHAHHAHA

  • Annimig

    You look beautiful, but mostly sweet. So sweet.

    • Anonymous


      I’m flattered, but you are full of it. 😉 me? sweet? NOT! Beautiful? Definitely not!

  • Liz

    YAY for the up do! You look so mature in your suit!

    Thank you so much for digging these up and scanning them for us to enjoy!

    • Anonymous


      Thanks so much for hosting this and letting me link up. It was so much fun!

  • Galit Breen

    How cute are you?! And yes- the poses! So universal! Love it Erin! XO

    • Anonymous


      Thank goodness I wasn’t the only poser. HAHAHHAHAHHAA

  • Anonymous

    So pretty! I didn’t make friends with tweezers until after college. YIKES.

    • Anonymous


      I don’t know what I’d do without my tweezers! oy!

  • Lady Estrogen

    YAY for tweezers! haha.. beautiful. x

    • Anonymous

      Lady Estrogen,

      Tweezers are STILL my bff! I never leave home w/o ’em! hee hee

  • Mama Wants This

    Gorgeous Hottie! Love the one of you showing your updo!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Mama! I loved that updo. I’m sad I didn’t have a photo of the back. Oh well!

  • jessica

    You are gorgeous, big eye brows and all. Somehow I didn’t discover tweezers until after high school. Such a shame.

    • Anonymous

      Believe me, just b/c I had tweezers doesn’t mean it was always a good thing! I did some serious damage/over plucking and had a rough time figuring it all out. LOL!

  • Kimberly

    You are so adorable!! Love. Especially the bra strap-age. Classy….LOL

    • Anonymous


      I still wonder why my mom didn’t insist I get/wear a strapless bra!!

  • Random Blogette

    Definitely a senior hottie Erin! Your freshman picture looks eerily similar to mine. No joke. We could’ve been sisters, braces and all!! Now I need to find it.

    • Anonymous


      No way. I didn’t have boobs in high school. You have a killer rack. And I had the caterpillars, you DID NOT! So shut it!

  • Alexes Covington

    I linked up. Couldn’t find but 1 pic though…unlike you. haha. I still linked up! Thanks to YOU! :)

    • Anonymous


      Your shot was so glamorous, I could just cry. NO FAIR! But so glad you linked up, it was such fun!

  • Kir

    Look at you!!!! Erin you are so prettty! Your smile is still so gorgeous!

    • Anonymous


      Thank you, sweets. You are too nice to me!

  • Anonymous

    Look at you, beautiful!

    • Anonymous


      Uh, I think you need to get your eyes checked, friend. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Aschultze

    I’m sure you’ve heard this like 1,000 times already:  you look EXACTLY the same.

    • Anonymous


      Only I have lots more wrinkles and am nowhere near that skinny! 😉

  • Varunner7

    We were of the same era.  I graduated in ’93, and grew out my bangs sophomore year – I never was able to get mine to tease up right anyhow.  Beautiful photos!

    • Anonymous


      I know. My bangs never behaved the way I wanted them to. I always envied the other girls’ styles. Oh well. It’ll be interesting to see what our kids do and what the fads will be in a few years!

  • Cindi

    Very pretty. There was some good changes happening in the mid-90’s. I love the white dress.

    • Anonymous


      Why thank you, my dear! My mom helped me choose the dress and I thought it was really flattering. Why oh why did my mom not insist I get/wear a strapless bra, though?

  • Phases of Me

    Definitely a senior hottie!  You’re beautiful!  I was class of ’93 and had short hair and bangs that wouldn’t cooperate instead of the long hair like almost everyone else, lol!

    • Anonymous


      Believe me, I had short hair FOREVER and it took all the willpower and strength I had to let it grow. I chopped it off right after graduation. LOL!

  • Julie Gardner

    You are adorable. 

    If my senior prom and graduation pictures were that good, I’d carry them around and flash them all the time.Like at the grocery store when I went to grab my credit card…”Oh, OOPS! I’m sorry. My Senior Hottie pictures fell out here on the conveyor belt between the soup and the celery.I know. I was cute, right?”THAT’S how adorable you are…

    • Anonymous


      You make me laugh! Just picturing this sends me into giggling fits.I think my senior yearbook photo looks soooo cheesy. Shoulder pads, chin tilted, ugh! And that suit! My mom picked it out—it was the most horrid pale green color…ewww.

  • Leighann

    you are adorable!!

    • Anonymous

      :-) thanks, Leighann!!

  • From Tracie

    How fun is this?!  You really do look very much the same. Very pretty! 

    • Anonymous

      Awww, thanks Tracie. You’re a sweetheart. xoxo

  • Ally Wilson

    I love it! You were (are) gorgeous. Wow, very formal graduation – funny how different it is in different areas. (But we did white dresses for prom, too – just because we thought it was cool.)

    • Ally Wilson

      We did this link up, too, if you want to see what it looked like nine years before you, in ’85!

      • Anonymous

        Just came from your place, Ally! You and Lela were rockin’ those white gowns! LOVE!

  • AwayWeGoNancy

    You’re gorgeous, duh.

    That’s no surprise.

    What KILLING me about this series is all the talk about the 90s….which happened just….yesterday.

    And by yesterday we’re talking a million years ago. Sigh.

    • Anonymous


      I know, right? It’s crazy. Really crazy. Especially when I think my 20-year high school reunion is just around the friggin’ corner. OMG!

  • Lady Jennie

    You look so sweet!  :-)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Madame Jennie! 😉

  • Elaine

    You were/are a total Hottie!  Love the pics and your hair. And even your bra strap. 😉

    • Anonymous


      Very funny! I seriously wanna know why I didn’t have a strapless bra? WTF?!?!