Trip to the KC Zoo

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We caught the sea lion show upon our arrival, and it was fantastic! The kids got to see them really close up (this guy was right on the other side of the gate, within touching distance).

Here are some cute lil’ warthogs. Wonder if they know Pumba? The kids weren’t crazy about them because they barely moved and were therefore not too exciting.

now THIS is what i call a turtle…..

All of our kids love holding hands:
Lucy (the redhead) is first, followed by Abby, Lola, Brandon, and Ben. So three sets of twins together at the zoo. Obviously Izzy is missing from the photo. This is because she refused to hold hands. Hag.

I got my workout on this day by mostly pushing my 2 almost 30-pound daughters in their double stroller (and a large bag of diapers, wipes, bottled water, snacks, etc.) all over the zoo and often times uphill. Needless to say I was a disgusting sweaty mess by the time we left. I thought the morning zoo trip would wear them out and they’d take luxuriously long naps, but no such luck. They napped even less than usual. Oh well!

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  • MSarchivist

    Um, I think you mean “warthogs” instead of hedgehogs? :)
    I don’t think hedgehogs have those scary tusks!