Not Me Monday

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I am stealing from Good Girl Gone Redneck and MckMama. I’m not sure I’m going to do this right because this is my first effort.

It was surely not me who allowed my children to watch cartoons half the day on Saturday, as I was still recovering from the debacle that was Friday. It was also not me who let them skip a bath 2 nights in a row because I had zero energy and didn’t feel like dealing with it. But it’s winter time and it’s not like they’re that dirty. Or at least this is the lie I’m telling myself.

It is most definitely not me who is packing candy, gum, and other goodies for the plane ride tomorrow. It is certainly not me who is charging up the portable dvd player. We leave tomorrow for New Orleans (just me and the girls) to visit my family for a few days. I am not looking forward to the plane rides & layovers, but I am excited about having some free babysitters extra hands and grandparents who are excited to see Abby & Izzy.

It is not me who is suffering from some yucky upper respiratory bug causing me to hack up a lung and lose my voice. It is not me who is looking forward to bedtime so I can take the magic syrup hubby prescribed that knocks me into nocturnal bliss helps me sleep.

It is not me who just hauled my empty trash cans back in, then came inside to make a sammich without remembering to wash my hands first.

It is not me who has bailed out of Jazzercise 15 minutes early the last THREE times I’ve gone.

It is not me who can’t fit into my pants. It is not my fault, it is my stupid endocrinologist’s fault for lowering my dosage of Synthroid to make me fat.

It is not me who went shopping for other people yet came home with a few things for myself.

It is not me who tore through my copy of Precious by Sapphire, thinking to myself how lucky I am. It is not me who sobbed and snotted everywhere and guiltily realized that things can always be worse. Much, much worse.

And now, dear friends, I bid you farewell. If I don’t commit suicide  have a nervous breakdown tomorrow en route to New Orleans, I shall see you again in BlogLand soon. It may or may not be until I return on Saturday. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

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  • Curried Cupcakes

    Wandered over from McMama's site. Good luck with your trip this week. Sounds like you have everything under control to keep your kids at bay.

  • Menopausal New Mom

    Wow Erin, I sure hope it's you who has a great trip and a wonderful holiday!!!

    As far as not fitting into your pj's, I hear ya! I'm right there with you and the holidays ain't helping!

  • Aunt Juicebox

    Have a great time! I wish I were going south for a few days. Or months.

  • Lee the Hot Flash Queen

    Have a wonderful time, and your planning is just like mine. But, I make sure my kids have their own portable DVD's so they don't fight over with movie to watch!

  • Shell

    I played along today, too!

    Hope you have a great trip!

  • Daffy

    Best of luck for smooth travels! We'll be thinking of you!

    I too had my synthroid lowered and I'm totally NOT liking it. NOT.ONE.BIT!

    PS: Girlie rode her trike again yesterday b/c it was so nice out. She said VROOOM VROOOM Momma over and over again!

  • yonca

    Have a great trip Erin! Happy Holiday!

  • MJ

    Thinking of you and your travel adventures. I'm sure it will provide adequate topics for The Mother Load. ;o)

    I packed the exact same for my travels a couple years ago with Goose, so do not feel bad!

    I hope that you get feeling better soon – not that I don't want you to enjoy your dream syrup

  • Travis

    My Boy's totally whipped y'alls asses. Think about that the whole way down there.

    We probably won't even get into the playoffs.

    But we beat the undefeated!

  • LMJ

    we'll be flying to dallas for new years day and am dreading the flight with a baby.

  • Danielle

    have a great trip. glad you are getting those "extra hands" i know that means some good ole relaxing for momma. Happy Holidays.


  • T.J.

    Strolled on over here from Mckmama's and am happy to see your life is as under control as mine is :)! Good luck with your trip- gotta love extra sets of loving hands!

  • 遭遇
  • Tattoos and Teething Rings

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  • meredith

    have fun in nola! the grandparents can always bathe them, no worries. hahah

  • Andrea (ace1028)

    Bath? What does that word mean? It's not me who has my daughter ASK me for a bath since she rarely gets one at my discretion! Safe travels! Enjoy the babysitters, I know I am. ;)

  • Kimberly

    Oh, how I want to go Antiquing there. I hope you have a wonderful vacation.

    Warm wishes, and Holiday Greetings!

  • Joy

    In some countries they only bathe once a week. So you're WAY ahead!

  • Tami G

    wishing you SAFE travels and lots of fun…errr..I mean REST while you are there ;-)
    take that magic syrup with you! :)

    Hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS if I don't hear from you before then!

    Tami G

  • gayle

    Erin, I hope you are really ok with all your not me's because it's ok..sound to me like you are being a super mom.
    Have a fun trip!!

  • Elaine A.

    I hope the fights go smoothly for you. Have a great visit back home. I'm sure LA misses you too!

  • Coffeypot

    If you are going to be laying over in Atlanta let me know and I will buy you and the kids a drink at the airport while you wait.

  • carissajaded

    Have a great trip to New Orleans and eat all the candy that your heart desires… What else are the holidays good for?

  • Mindy

    Thanks for leaving us with a farewell blog post before heading out! It wasn't me who did any of these things either! ;0) Happy Hannukah!

  • Iva

    Have a great trip Erin and a wonderful holiday!!

  • Robin

    You deserve a break today…(sound familiar)..Im glad you're taking it..hey did you wash your hair yet..??Have great time..!!

  • Matty

    Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting, where we all have "wasn't me" moments. Enjoy your trip, be safe, and come back with lots of pictures and stories to tell.

  • adrienzgirl

    I hope you have a lovely trip with the little girls! Enjoy your family!

  • Anita

    Sometimes you just get tired…and it's okay.
    Wishing you an easy (relatively speaking) and safe trip. Enjoy your family.
    Merry Christmas!

  • Jenilee

    hope your travels go well! and your cold gets better. stressful days but hope you have a wonderful christmas!

  • Arizona Mamma

    Wishing you happy and safe travels and fun times with family! This was a great first not me! Fun, huh? *See* you when you get back.

  • Anti-Supermom

    Happiest of holidays to you. Safe travels and sanity still in tact.

  • Alex

    Have a great visit with your family, safe travels!

  • mama-face

    Have a wonderful time. Hope your body, girls and the weather cooperate.

    I have to know about this book…Precious. Do tell more when you get back.

    ps. I love the word sammich. It makes me smile. :)

  • Holly

    Have a great trip! Cannot wait to hear how much FUN you have!

  • Noelle

    have a wonderful time!

    and remember…nothing could possibly happen that a little xanax can't take care of.

  • ScoMan

    This was great. Great idea. Great laugh.

    And I thought your Hanukkah post was interesting, so don't worry about it. I'm glad you posted it.

    And the person who is hacking up their lung that isn't you? I'm pretty sure it's me. My bad.

  • HeatherLynn

    Have a safe Trip Erin. We'll see you when you get back!

    enjoy that plane ride…Oh, how i miss flying….


  • Healthy Shift Worker

    Enjoy your time away Erin – happy holidays!!

  • warmchocmilk

    Yeah, you did it right! :) Good job, it's nice to be able to admit we aren't perfect! :)

  • kys

    Have a great visit with your mom!

  • Chocolate Covered Daydreams

    You are so funny! I cracked up over the thought of you touching the nasty, germ infested trashcans and then made a sandwich. I've done something similar and then prayed that my kid immunities kicked in…you know…the kind that you had when you were a kid. You could eat something off the ground or chew gum that had been on your bedpost for days and not get even a stomach ache???

    Have a great trip. Hope the portable dvd holds out!

  • Helene

    Oh!!!! You are onto something. I'll bet the synthroid is why I've gained a few pounds in the last couple months too! In my case, it's probably not true but I can dream, right?

    Have a fun and safe trip!!!

  • Kristin

    I definitely did not make myself something to eat after changing a diaper and not washing my hands. Ah ha ha. Have a fabulous holiday lady!

  • Sara @ Domestically Challenged

    Oh, you did it and you did it well! Nice job! oh, and I bailed on workouts this week too! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Just Another Momma

    Left you a little somthin on my blog today. Happy Holidays!

  • Secretia

    I'll give up my emergency panties-stretching secret. When there is no time, you can snip the front of the waistband just a little bit with a pair of scissors. It takes the tummy pressure away. Of course, you might be thinking you'll throw them out after that one wear, but I suggest keeping them in the undies drawer right on top. It's a good reminder not to pig out when we get are getting dressed! PLUS, another emergency day might come along…but then the reminder will still be there.