Magic & Mystery

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Magic, mystery and someone else’s master plan have brought you here.

You perch daintily in my lap, delicate as a flower. I will not hurt you.

You’ve traveled a long way. You are tired. I will take care of you.

Baby Girl Margolin, 5/23/11

The “big” ultrasound. Week 17-18.

You are here. I feel you inside. You are not leaving me. I won’t be scared anymore.

You are my baby girl.  You’re real. I finally feel like you’re mine.

Please remember, sweet one: I am not perfect. Just doing the best that I can.

I am taking it one hour at a time some days.

But you are the bright spot. You are a miracle,  my little magical red bean.

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  • Cheryl

    Oh, Erin. Look at that beautiful baby. I am so thrilled for you and your family. She’s there. She’s real. She’s perfect. xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much, Cheryl! You are too sweet! xo

  • Random Blogette

    Uh yeah I almost started crying when I read this! I am so excited for you and your little red bean. xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Jayme! We’re pretty excited, too!

  • Megan

    :)))  xo

    • Anonymous


      xoxoxoxo back atcha! thanks for reading & stopping by!

  • Terri Sonoda

    Happy tears for you sweet lady.  Only happy tears!

    • Anonymous


      Thank you, sweet lady! 😉 big hugs!

  • Evonne

    One step at a time is quite often all we can do.  She is there, she is staying, and I am so happy for you and your family!

    • Anonymous


      Thank you so much! 😉

  • Diana

    She looks perfect!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Diana! Appreciate your stopping by!

  • Purseblogger

    Congratulations Erin! I am sooo happy for you!

    • Anonymous


      Thanks! We’re pretty psyched, too!

  • Taming Insanity

    I have been completely thrilled since that magical red bean was planted. I’m so happy for you.

    • Anonymous

      Taming Insanity/KLZ,

      THere’s so much I could say, but I can’t say it here. Thank you, my banana friend! MWAH!

  • bywordofmouth

    Beautiful words Erin.
    Yes, enjoy this blessing, this pregnancy you didn’t dare to hope for – its a dream come true!
    A baby sister for the twins to dress like a real doll – how fun :)

    • Anonymous

      Word of Mouth / N.

      Yes, the girls are over the moon! They can’t wait. It’ll be another story once she’s old enough to steal their makeup and snoop in their stuff! Hahahaha

  • From Tracie

    Erin! This is so beautiful. I’m crying – seriously crying – reading this. 

    I’m so happy for you!

    • Anonymous


      Thank you, sweet friend. XOXO

  • Lindsey

    Congratulations!!!  xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much, Lindsey!

  • Elaine

    Beautiful!  And a girl – so exciting!  She’s perfect. xoxo

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Elaine! But perfect doesn’t run in our family. AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA

  • Theinquisitivemom

    This is absolutely gorgeous my friend. I am so thrilled for you. I read this while nursing kai and it felt especially tender.

    • Anonymous


      I can’t believe you are reading blogs and you just had a baby! 😉
      Thank you, sweet friend!

  • JennaFarelyn

    love to you and your sweet little red bean :)

    • Anonymous

      And lots of love right back to you, Frelle! xoxoxo

  • PostDivorceCoach

    You gave me chills…this was lovely.

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, Lee! Love you!!!!!!!

  • Galit Breen

    Erin! So much love and congratulations to you and your sweet baby GIRL! This was a truly beautiful poem and tribute to motherhood! XO

    • Anonymous

      Oh Galit…you are a love. Thank you. That means so much to me!

  • Snuggle Wasteland

    Awww…so beautiful! Can’t wait to see your precious baby. 

    • Anonymous


      You’ll see her in July. She’s gonna be a big one. OY! XOXOXOXOX

  • Josie YumYucky

    That was beautiful. :)

    • Anonymous


      Thanks, sweet lady! I’m so happy you stopped by and left me some love! 😉

  • Varunner7

    Baby girl!  Congratulations :-)

    • Anonymous


      Apparently third time’s a charm?!!?  😉 xoxoxo

  • Ash

    Oh sweet magical red bean!! Beautiful profile, just like her mama.

    • Anonymous


      Thank you, my friend! I MISS OUR MORNINGS! ;-(

  • jessica

    What a beautiful post. I have goosebumps, such an amazing little gift she is.

    • Anonymous


      She is a gift. I still can’t believe it. Like I’m dreaming?!

  • Elena Sonnino

    So beautiful.  So much love to your red bean!!

    • Anonymous


      Thanks so much!

  • Lady Jennie

    Yay red bean!  Can’t wait to welcome her.

    • Anonymous

      Merci beaucoup, Madama Jennie! She’s our little miracle. Pinch me!

  • AwayWeGoNancy

    This fills me with so much joy. Hold her in your arms, mama. She already knows, and will always know, your love.

    • Anonymous


      October 29th is too far away. I don’t know how I’ll wait that long?!?! xoxoxox

  • Anonymous

    OOOO another girl.. I am so excited for you all Erin.. This baby is so blessed to have ya’ll as parents..

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Angel! Though I’m sure she’ll need a lot of therapy with us for parents. Snort!

  • Kir

    I am in tears, happy happy tears for you. SHE’S REAL. You are so blessed and I feel so lucky to be along on this journey with you. xo

    • Anonymous


      I’m lucky to have YOU along on this journey! Thanks for always being “here!”

  • blueviolet

    Look at that darling little one in there. So happy for you, mama!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Liz! We are over the moon! 😉 xoxo

  • Ally Wilson

    Awwww! Beautiful, Erin! Look at that perfect little baby girl!

    • Anonymous


      Thanks! She’ll have TONS of Barbie stuff to play with! xoxoxoxo

  • Helene1108

    Awww, this is such a sweet post!  So happy to hear you and the baby are doing well!  I love the u/s pics…isn’t it amazing??!!

    • Anonymous


      I am still somewhat in shock. It is amazing, I know you know this! 😉

  • Julie Gardner

    Oh Erin.

    My heart just skipped about ten beats for you. 

    How can she be so beautiful already?

    Love. Just love.

    • Anonymous


      awwww! and your comment just made me teary! thanks so much. xoxo

  • Ren

    that is so lovely- I am so excited for your family! 

    • Anonymous


      Thanks!! 😉 We are pretty psyched, too!

  • Morgan B.

    Baby girl!!! My heart is so full of happiness right now. You deserve all these good things and many, many more. Big hugs to you my friend!

    • Anonymous


      Now I can use all those Chiquita Banana bibs I won from you awhile back! LOVE IT! xoxoxo

  • Andrea B.

    I was just thinking of you and that I haven’t seen you on Twitter or posting, so I was coming by to say hey, and there’s the news! Baby girl! Another girl! Oh – what your bathrooms will be like in the teenage years. 😉 How incredible and wonderful! Congrats to you and the family!

  • Jaclyn

    I love this post. Your words are beautiful.

  • Marlene Hunter

    Little miracle baby girl, I’m going to cry! I love babies, I wonder if she’ll be a wigglely one inside, my daughter was, she was doing summersaults in there, I’m so happy for you, your girls will go crazy over her!

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