Love Makes Me Happy. Especially Linky Love.

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Over the weekend, my sweet friend Amy Oscar sent me to read a glorious post by Lisa Merrai Labon. It’s called “Raising Kick-Ass Girls,” and you need to read it STAT. Like, yesterday.

It was my wake-up call, exactly what I needed to read. I’m digging around to find my Wonder Woman costume, though I doubt it fits anymore. Time to get a new one. And some for my daughters.

Me as Wonder Woman, circa 1982

And with that, I am going to point you towards some kick-ass people, and I fully expect you to say hello, introduce yourselves, and indulge in their awesomesauce.

1.) Diana Adams of @Adamsconsulting & @BitRebels. Diana’s a powerhouse, and I’m constantly amazed by her. She recently compiled a list of Twitter’s Top 75 Badass Women, so you need to check these women out. I was surprised and honored to be on the list, but now it’s time I start acting the part.

2.) My dear friend MsWasteland wrote a very poignant post about losing her grandfather on Valentine’s Day. It’s called The Tradition of Being Sad. And since today is Valentine’s Day, she is on my mind and in my heart. I love you, T. Write on, girlfriend.

3.) Another friend, @KellyAtSFTC, who is going through a divorce and isn’t afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind. You can read all about it here and then go read about how she rocks her daughter to sleep here.

4.) My beautiful Blissdom friends: Elaine, Katy, Liz, KLZ, Natalie, Alycia, Julie, Joyce, Erin, Sara, Laura, Hollee, Rachel, Liz, & Shelly, just to name a few. I even got to meet some of my idols, Brene Brown, Ann Imig, and Rita Arens. I especially fell in love with Rita’s post, “Taking the Time to Write a Love Note.” And then I discovered Rita lives here in KC (squeee!) and I just joined the KC Writers Place, where she is a member of the board!

5.) My Twitter friend, Liz, who has a blog you can check out here. Liz is a poetess. Her words are always perfect. She manages to say so much in such a small space. Her writing is like a cocoon, wrapping me up in its warmth and magic.

6.) My writer friend Amy Oscar (whose book is coming out soon) just released a set of Shadow & Light cards. I bought some. I suggest you hurry your fanny over and get them, too. LOVE them, her, and her talented friend Susan who assisted with the photography part of the project.

7.) My writer friends Nancy and Ashlei, who have been early risers with me since the start of the new year. Supporting me, helping me, writing with me. Thank you. I have no words.

8.) My friend Megan Matthieson, whose blog I Dance, I Write, always inspires and amazes me. Megan embodies courage, spark, confidence, and light. Her dancing and her videos are always top notch, so creative.

9.) My friend Lee, who is starting her own business helping others cope with divorce. You can find her blog here, and she is a regular contributor at The Huffington Post.

10.) I love the wonderful people who have helped bring my new blog to fruition. A daydream that is now a beautiful reality. Thanks to Shelly for getting me my own domain, and to Michelle, Khristian, Nancy, and Chad for helping my gorgeous ELM tree grow.

11.) I almost forgot–Sarah, who made these notecards for me. Have I mentioned I have a stationery addiction? Anyway, she will do custom work (like these she did for me, which I copied from actual mail I got from Nancy). Talk to her. She’s wonderful!

I would like to do these posts more often. This is long overdue and I promise I haven’t forgotten the rest of you. There are too many people who have touched my life…I can’t fit you all in one post. So, until next time, I love you!

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  • Francis

    What a wonderful bunch!! Got lots of reading to do now!! Thanks for sharing wonderful friends and love reading your blog!! Have a Happy VDay and I need a Wonder Woman costume myself!! Let me know if you find a good deal!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Happy Valentine’s Day to one of my favorite writers in the whole wide world. Love ya girl!! Thanks for all the links to great blogs and writers. You are wonderful. Big hugs this Valentine’s Day! xoxoxoxo

  • Anonymous

    PS I ADORE your new look. Sorry it took me a while to get over here. I’m a mess. But I’m trying to clean my life up. Beautiful new site! I love it!

  • Alexes Covington

    Well it looks like i LOVE all the same people you do! lol.
    That one one that Snuggie wrote it pretty much awesome…So touching.
    Happy Valentine’s day my friend!

  • Evonne

    What an awesome post! And now I have some people to check out! Thanks!

  • Theinquisitivemom

    Very cool. I always love links like this. Such an amazing way to discover and rediscover bloggers!

  • PostDivorceCoach

    Thanks, hon!

  • Sarah

    Thanks so much for the shout out! I’m glad you love your new cards – they were SOO fun to make :)

  • Ash

    MWAH my love! You and Nancy start my days off on the perfect foot. Honestly. I hear the alarm go off, I’m groggy, puffy and in desperate need to pee. Then I smile, because I get to go “be” with you guys.

    We’re going to make all of our writing dreams come true. Yes we will. Or die of sleep deprivation doing it.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Wonder Woman!

  • Elizabeth Flora Ross

    Oh Geez! I already have an impossible time keeping up with all the blogs I love, and now you are going to add more awesomeness to my list? LOL See a few familiar ones here, and some new ones, which I always enjoy. Going to check out now…

  • Nancy C

    You don’t need an outfit….we already know you are Wonder Woman. Also, Ashlei stole my words again.


    I love this … thank you for being you. And for making my day! You are a Wonder Woman!

    • erin

      awwwwww! we are ALL Wonder Women! ;-)

  • Morgan B.

    Great links here! I like your new digs. Very, very nice. :)

    • erin

      Thanks, Morgan! Loved your post about the maternity fashion faux pas—sooo funny! Too bad I didn’t have any pics of me with too-small shirts on to share with you for the post. LOL

  • Elaine A.

    We have much and many to be thankful for in this community. What a great way to highlight some of your faves and such a great day to do it. I’m honored to be included my friend. XOXO

    And also, if you get some capes for the girls, you might as well get yourself one to, right? ;P

    • erin

      I emailed your friend about the capes and haven’t heard back. So we’ll see, I guess. In the meantime, I am also researching Wonder Woman t-shirts!!! ;-)

  • Lady Jennie

    These posts are so encouraging. And you were a perfect fit for Diana Adams’ list. ;-)

    • erin

      Oh Jennie. You are always such a doll. I hope you’ll go visit some of these wonderful women. They’re so inspiring. As are you. Je t’adore!
      Avez vous une bonne nuit!

  • T.J.

    It makes me feel so happy for you to read posts like this- look at all the goodness and warmth you are surrounding yourself with, girl! yay!!

    • erin

      Thanks for coming by, T.J.! I hope you have some time to check out some of these amazing peeps. How was your Valentine’s Day?!

  • Tulpen Elefanten

    I simply don’t have the rack to pull off the Wonderwoman costume…

    Nor the time to read ALL those blogs!!

    But I’ll try… I promise.

    • erin

      I seriously want a Wonder Woman t-shirt. I just have to find the right one. And some for my girlies, too!

  • Snuggle Wasteland

    Thanks for including me in this fabulous linky! I hope you’re having a good day.

    • erin

      Girl, I had to include you—that post was exceptional. SO amazing….I love you.

  • blueviolet

    Thank you, sweet girl. Look at all of the friends you’ve made because of this wonderful gift of writing. :)

    PS. I loved T’s post on her grandpa too. She’s fabulous.

    • erin

      T’s post blew me away. And she acted so nonchalant about it….I hope she’ll write more.

      Love you!

  • Mamaface

    I honestly don’t know how you keep up with all the blogs you do!!! And your choices are top notch. You should start up a how-to blog. That is, if you have time. :)


    • erin

      a how-to blog? what do you mean? I am not good at how-to things. If you think I set this blog up you are bonkers, and I am still a WordPress Ignoramus (can I steal your word?). I feel so dumb every day!!!

  • Ann Imig

    Thank you for including me in this huge bloggy-love gesture! The linking alone must’ve taken forever. So glad we met at Blissdom.

    • erin

      Yes, the linking took some time, but it was time well spent!! I’m so excited that Alexandra got to meet you and audition for LTYM over the weekend. The project sounds like so much fun. Thank you for stopping by!

  • From Tracie

    Loving this. You are so generous. I’m off to go meet the women on this list that I don’t already read/follow/know.

  • Michelle Mangen

    Erin —- oh wow, I had no idea you put me on your list of Wonder Women! Thank you. It’s been wonderful and rewarding to be part of your new blog and to see the transformation happen.

    Aside from your Blissdom list I enjoy seeing many names and faces of mutual friends in the post.

    I’m honored to be a part of your world!

    • Anonymous

      ok, so here’s the big test. this comment came through and I am replying via
      my gmail account. the to.recipient part up above has all kinds of numbers
      and letters and is going to an address

      let me know if it’s u!!!


  • Jaclyn

    Ooh, I have some Write Your Own Story notecards too!!! I think I found them at Michael’s, with a rockin’ little stamp to match. Swoon!

  • Liz

    Did I ever thank you for this?!?!?!? I just read it because it brought someone to my blog today and my heart feels like it is going to burst that you wrote this about me. I admire you and your writing so very much.