losing it & the kindness of strangers

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i am going out of my mind. my kids are taking turns slamming a door (one daughter on either side of said door). whomever gets the door slammed in her face spends about three minutes screaming and crying about it. they switch off, then the fun starts all over again.


on another note, we went to the grocery store this morning. i got all the way through the checkout line (paid, bagged, etc.) before i realized i forgot a crucial ingredient for tonight’s dinner. as i was lamenting this and making a futile attempt to corral my children and coerce them back into the store, another cashier took pity on me and asked me what I’d forgotten. “Limes,” I yelped, as Izzy grabbed onto me with her hands and let go, leaving her full weight on a strap of my tank top. “Two of them, please!” I called after her. Bless that woman. She came back in about 30 seconds, I paid for the limes, and we dashed. I really appreciate the kindness of strangers. I have encountered similar situations before, and I think people just feel sorry for me when they see I have lost all control of my kids.

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  • phimugal

    That women was your Saint today! I couldn’t help but chuckle over your experience at the grocery store—BUT I know my day is coming! hahaha just NOT YET! I love you and hope you survive the rest of the day…