Kelly from Speaking From the Crib & The Mother Load– are Schlepping From the Synagogue!

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I helped Kelly over at Speaking From the Crib with a Hanukkah-related post for today. Go check her out & see! I have really enjoyed working with Kelly. She is so sweet & thoughtful and I love that she was curious about Hanukkah. Hanukkah begins this Friday evening and we’re super excited. Anyway, go see her, follow her (if you aren’t already) and feel the bloggy love!!

Winner of my second GO GREEN GIVEAWAY will be announced later today. Busy morning around here! So stay tuned.

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  • singedwingangel

    I read her post first thing this morning and loved it

  • Shell

    I'll go check out her post!

  • Noelle

    i'm on my way…glad she did this!

  • Lee the Hot Flash Queen

    I gave her shit about not asking me…guilt is great!! LOL


    LEE DAMN YOU AND THE GUILT! DAMN YOU! anyhow, thanks for your kind words Erin, you are a dream to work with too. let's do a follow up for next thursday, k? i emailed you – and lee too.

  • Cathy

    I just read the post over at SFTC. Thanks for enlightening us non-jews. Very informative!

  • MiMi

    I'm going over to read it now, but you are right, Kelly is so sweet!
    I'm so interested in the traditions of Hanukkah, and this year we get to spend part of Hanukkah with my husband's uncle who is Jewish. We're SO excited!

  • Menopausal New Mom

    Oh, I'll have to go check it out. I need a lesson. My hubby was raised Jewish and I have no clue!

  • MJ

    Wonderfully written dear. I remember my sophomore year of college one of my friends teaching me/us (there was a group of 10 that did everything together) about Hanukkah and spinning dreidels.

  • Helene

    Off I go to read it…

  • DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom

    I saw it this morning. It was great. You two make a great duo.

  • Midday Escapades

    Well, alrighty. I'm heading over there now. Happy Hanukkah!

  • adrienzgirl

    I will go check it out! :D

  • Martinis or Diaper Genies?

    happy hannukah! my cats will be celebrating with you.

  • mama-face

    Girl, how did you rise to the top so quickly?

    Oh yeah, you are TALENTED!!!

    I love you and all that appropriately mushy stuff.

    Better do some checking out…

  • mama-face

    Checked it out and may I say, FANTASTIC post. It was wonderful learning more about your faith and about you. The pic's were beautiful and can't wait to try the recipe.

    Wow, I am gushing all over the place! ew.


  • blueviolet

    I loved the post! It was really interesting to me! And I dig how you dig your traditions so much. That is awesome! Your kids will have the best memories because you've always stuck to the traditions.

  • Me-Me King

    I'm on my way!!!

  • Betty

    Erin, there's a present waiting for you on my blog!!!

  • Betty

    Erin, there's a present waiting for you on my blog!!!

  • Christina

    I was just thinking, "I need to get with it and figure out when Hanukkah starts…"

    Thanks for making it easy for me! My menorah is now out. :-)

  • Sarah

    I just checked it out. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Sarah

    I just checked it out. Thanks for sharing!!

  • kys

    I saw the title of her post this am and but have time to read it then. I'll get around to it. We're heading to the flu shot clinic this evening. Good times.

  • Monique-aka-Surferwife23

    Oh geez. What have your two big genius bloggy minds come up with now? Off to read.

  • Daffy

    Headed there now!

    Did I ask if you received the card I sent????

  • Traci


    Thank you for coming by my blog. How lovely of you. I will be following you and your beautiful blog.

    I hope you have a blessed Hannukah. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this special holiday. I will definitely check out "Speaking from the Crib".


  • Working Mommy

    Great post!! Have a Happy Hannukah!


  • Holly

    I'll go check it out. I used to date a Jewish man (for 3+ years) and thought maybe we'd get hitched so at one point I really knew my stuff…but no more!

  • The girl with the flour in her hair

    I read it and really learned quite a bit. It was an awesome post.