I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.

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pouryourheart1-e1328022968330Linking up with Shell for PYHO (Pour Your Heart Out) today. It’s been TOO long since I’ve done this, but today’s the day, people.



The kind of morning when you wake your kids up at 6:45  for school and realize 1/2 hour later that one of them is still upstairs in her jammies because she’s “too tired” to get dressed. So you literally stop  lunch-packing, breakfast-making, etc to rush up the stairs two at at time to rip her iCarly pajamas off of her and pick an outfit for her and yank a brush through her tangled hair she refused to wash the night before. Like she’s a baby. Only she’s not, she’s seven years old. And she has a twin sister who is already dressed and finishing her breakfast downstairs. And you have to wake the baby, change her diaper, and get ready to throw everyone in the car, baby howling for her sippy cup of milk to drink on the ride there and back. Dog needing to go out, then begging for his breakfast. Meanwhile? I don’t even have time to change out of the clothes I slept in last night. Welcome to glorious, glamorous motherhood.

The very same morning, you clean your house like a madwoman because a news crew is coming to tape a segment for a project you’re working on. You hide all the toys, vacuum, light a candle to disguise the poopy diaper smell, put out some coffee table books and toss the Sandra Boynton board books in a cabinet. You whisk away the dust bunnies and chewed up dog toys. You don actual clothes and makeup. You even flat iron your hair, for fuck’s sake. Cameraman calls to say he’s running late. You wait and wait, thank G_d the baby is still napping and twins are at school. Then he comes and you talk for 30 ish minutes. And of all the phenomenal things you’ve said about Listen To Your Mother : Kansas City,  some editor chooses a 5-second quote about moms and guns. Fuck my life. I have a Master’s degree in English, but the wee journalist in me says this is crap. I’m disappointed. I’m grateful we had the opportunity for publicity, but wtf, news editor? Oh, but my boobs make it in the clip, so that counts for something, right? At least I was wearing my Listen To Your Mother shirt!


And as long as I’m ranting, I may as well say some other things. Screw passive aggressiveness. Talk it out. Have feelings? Share them.  And? Don’t have or let others email things on your behalf that you can’t or won’t say for yourself. Conversely, don’t email something about someone else that’s not about YOU. Leave it up to those involved to work through the trouble together. Be an adult. Wanna be miserable, great, but don’t drag me into it if I had nothing to do with it. Admit that we ALL have faults and nothing is entirely everyone else’s doing (or un-doing, as it were).

Family is all you have in the end. Remember that. Words hurt. The past is never forgotten and there are only so many times you can forgive. There are only so many times you can apologize. At least for me. I’ll always be the wicked daughter-in-law and I’ve come to accept that. I really don’t care anymore. I love my husband and he loves me. Our parents don’t have to love who we’ve chosen to be our spouses. D and I have our three girls and we have a happy (but crazy, hectic, and busy) life together. We are the Margolin Five. I love our four placemats at the dinner table and Piper’s highchair next to us. I love the mess of kiddie shoes and coats in the mud room. I never thought I’d be this blessed, but I am. My husband loves me, I love him, and we have our three darling daughters. That is ultimately all we need–each other. Anything else is a bonus, a surprise, an occasional gift.

I know this much is true: I love my life, I love everything I’m doing. I love getting involved and making new connections with people all over the WORLD every day. I was born to do these things. I’m making a difference, I’m putting myself out there. And if I fail? So be it. At least I’ve done something to try and make the world a better, brighter place. A smarter place.

Get out there and DO something.

BE inspiring.

BE different.

BE amazing.

Do something terrifying.

DARE to try and make a different in someone’s life.


I’ve come a long way, baby.

You’ve come a long way baby! by JustAnotherJester


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  • http://www.fromtracie.com From Tracie

    There were a couple of weird camera angels going on in that clip. But your boobs do look amazing.

    Family stuff is hard. I just…..well, that is all I’m going to say about that, but it does get better once you get to the point of accepting the way things are and moving forward. I love that you are the Margolin Five, and have happiness with each other.

    You inspire me so much. I’m not there. Not completely. But I want to be there – to do more – to put myself out there in new ways.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I just can’t seem to “get” the acceptance thing/part. I don’t know how to move past some things. I think there are issues that will never go away and no matter what, I am who I am and I’m not changing. I’m not acting and I’m tired of the drama on all sides…

      YOU DO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. YOU DO. And I love that. You’ve shared so many painful parts of your past and the things that happened to you when you were little? You are SO BRAVE. And you are such an asset to The Band. You’re doing wonderful things, Tracie! xoxoxo

  • http://www.thingsicantsay.com/ shellthings

    Oh, Amen on not having others email on your behalf or emailing on someone else’s behalf. It reeks of junior high with “so-and-so said that she thinks you… blah, blah, blah.”
    I’ll always be the wicked daughter-in-law, too. Which is hilarious if you would meet mil’s OTHER dil.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I think there should be a panel at Blissdom about in-laws & blogging. LOL! Thanks for letting me air my dirty laundry in your link up! xoxoxo can’t wait to see you in Dallas!

  • Mrs. Jen B

    Standing ovation, sweetie. Standing ovation. You’re amazing. I’m so happy to be able to call you my friend.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

      The feeling is mutual! You are amazing and your post the other day blew me away. PS did you submit it to BlogHer??

  • http://twitter.com/thesistershood Nicole Morgan

    Oh I heart you and your bravery – rock the awesome girl – boobs and all xxxx

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      You are such a sweetheart and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU NEXT MONTH!!! Can you believe that shot of my boobs? No head to go w/ it??

  • http://twitter.com/birdonthestreet Katy

    Brava! Love this so much.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Thank you, sweet friend. And thank you for your donation to The Gay Dad Project and for believing in me/us. You’re amazing. I hope I get to see you when I’m in town next month (no plane tix yet, but I have a new nephew I HAVE to get my hands on, not to mention all your kiddos!). WIll keep you posted and hopefully you’ll be around!

  • Carol Margolin

    You are absolutely NOT the wicked daughter-in-law, not to me, anyway!!!

  • chelyagogo.blogspot.com

    I enjoyed reading this and spending a little time in my mind with your family and their place mats. I grew up with place mats on the dinner table; Mom was into coordinating them with the seasons. One of my “someday” ideas is to sew place mats for people in the shape of their homes, like a silhouette.

  • http://writingwishing.com/ Alison

    You inspire me every day. The stuff you do? It’s life changing. Even if you don’t get to change out of what you slept in last night.

    Love you. xo

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Wait, honey—it’s the other way around! YOU inspire me! And today, guess what? I did change out of what I slept in last night AND I took a shower! LOL
      love you more! xoxoxoxo

  • http://twitter.com/backtoallen Lisa Allen

    You amaze me. Your boobs amaze me. I can’t believe you do all you do without a Superwoman cape and matching gold bracelets. That sounds silly but it’s true. You’re making such a positive impact in so many lives. Keep on keepin’ on :)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      YOu amaze me, too and I can’t wait to hang out again SOOOOOOOON!
      Maybe I do need a cape, but I’m not a Superwoman gal. I prefer WonderWoman. I need some WW gear! Red knee-high boots, maybe?

  • http://www.atlanticwebworks.com/ Kristen Daukas

    Lord.. lived this for sure. We had a reporter here last week for an interview on teens & tech. She asked to use the restroom – of course!! It was only 4 hours later when I went into the same restroom and realized that it had barely been cleaned after our 3 day plumbing issues. Ohmahgawd. Really?!

    And, when are you guys going to bring LTYM to NC?! Please?!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      YOU should apply to bring LTYM to NC!! That’s what I did this year for KC and was lucky enough to get it. I’m so nervous, but it’s going to be fabulous! xoxoxo

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  • http://thediamdondgal.com/ TheDiamondGal

    Great Boobs though!!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

      Diamond Gal–

      LOL esp since we both know they’re not real! xoxoxoxo

  • http://twitter.com/RASJacobson Renee Jacobson

    Loved your boobs. And did you catch the noun/pronoun agreement error in that last sentence in the clip? Oy. But beyond that? Um yes. You are a mover and a shaker. You have become a force to be reckoned with. I am so proud to “know” you (or at least 6 ways to reach you), and I can’t wait to spend some time at BlissDom.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Blissdom is going to be fabulous. I am dying to meet you, just worried you’ll hate me after rooming with me! :-(

  • http://twitter.com/juliedutch Julie

    Erin I love this post. You are so right. Family is all you have and at the end of the day, what you are doing with gaydadproject is not only blessing you, but blessing other families, other lives and raising awareness that is so needed out in this world.

    I am so grateful for you. Because I choose my family to be my friends. So you? Are family. :)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      You are my family, too! I’m grateful to have you as well and CANNOT wait to see you at the conference. I’m glad you have your family—and you’re so right. Family is not only people related by blood, but people you love and choose to surround yourself with. And? I choose YOU. xoxox let’s chat soon & catch up!

  • alexandra

    I would hug you so hard right now if I could, Erin. Eff it all and do what is your life to do. To please others, so scared of not being liked, forget it. You have your family, you are grateful for that. It’s what counts. Life can be snatched away in a minute. I’ve seen that this month.

    THis is magical, Erin. MAGICAL.


    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      YOU are magical, my sweet friend.

      I’ve seen what you’ve been through. I’m in awe of you. ANd you’re right—Eff it all. Except I’d say the real word because I’m terrible. I really hope we get to do the ROYO together. I don’t know how I’ll wait that long to find out.

      And Yes. YES.Yes. Life can be snatched away in a minute.

      I love you. HUGS

  • Ally

    Your paragraph that started with this: “Family is all you have in the end. Remember that. Words hurt. The past is never forgotten and there are only so many times you can forgive. There are only so many times you can apologize.” It’s like you were speaking directly to me right now! I’ve finally reached that point with my SIL and just have been reading some stuff to help me accept where I’m at and be confident and okay with my decisions surrounding her.

    This was a strong and fabulous post, Erin. I do believe you were meant to do what you’re doing, because you’ve come alive taking on this enormous and important project. Keep on, lady, keep on. Hugs to you!

  • Mary @ A Teachable Mom

    Great boobs! And wonderful, inspiring words. Amen!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      LOL! I seriously can’t believe the cameraman took that shot. I thought my face was going to be in it. I was appalled, to say the least. oh well. At least I wasn’t wearing a black bra under there or something! LOL

  • http://twitter.com/michellelongo michellelongo

    You inspire me all the time. I think you’re awesome and amazing and I don’t tell you that that, but you are and I should tell you. So I just did.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      You’re a doll and you DO tell me. And thank you. I think you’re equally amazing! XOXOXOX

  • http://fourplusanangel.com/ jessica

    Love when you blog, it’s like a present :). I’m so in awe of how good you are at chasing your dreams. You are so determined and doing amazing things. xo

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

      Jessica, this comment makes me cry. I love you. I’m blessed to have met you and to have you in my life. You, too, are excellent at chasing your dreams. You shed light on so many things that others need to SEE, need help seeing. SHaring your stories is your gift to the world. You’re an inspiration to ME.

  • http://twitter.com/gfunkified Greta Funk

    You are. You’re doing amazing things and screw other people who don’t recognize that. You’re an inspiration.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      I love you. I hope last night wasn’t too upsetting for you. You’ve been on my mind and I hate that your date got canceled. I am crossing my fingers tonight works out! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! xoxoxo

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  • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

    I’m so inspired by you, Erin, you’ve done all those things you’ve listed at the end of your post and I admire that. You are more brave than I could probably ever be. You’ve definitely come a long way and I know you will keep going. Keep it up girl and ignore the naysayers. LOVE YOU!!!

  • Lady Jennie

    Erin. (grabbing you by the shoulders and staring into your eyes)
    You’re a rock star. :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/smartinez03 Stephanie Marie Martinez

    I’m so proud to know you!! I have gotten to ‘watch’ a lot of your metamorphasis and it has been awesome!

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