In This Moment, I Am Happy.

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i’m playing volleyball on the beach. i haven’t played since PE in high school. somehow i still serve well.

there’s sand on the bridge of my nose under my sunglasses. itchy grit.

and sand behind my ears. crusted into my forehead and eyebrows, in my hair. on my shins and torso from a few dives i took trying to return the ball.

and instead of an ugly PE uniform, i’m wearing an old bikini for the first time in years. i try not to care that leggy Cynthia (pronounced SEEN-TEE-AAH), the Canadian from Quebec, is wearing a teeny cobalt bikini that i could’ve *maybe* worn when i was ten.  she’s on our team and we’re all trying to guess her age. We decide on 19.

i try instead to be proud of my pooch that carried twins plus one. scars from 3 different hernia surgeries. i’m 36 and maybe i don’t belong in a bikini, but screw it. wearing one anyway. no one in Mexico knows me. and why should i care even if someone did?


the wind is blowing, the palm tree fronds are shaking with laugher at our antics on the sand court. “Rotate!”

D is surprised i can play a sport. i tease that i may even be turning him on with athletic ability he’s never seen before from me.

as the sun leaves her mark on my sweaty back i lunge to return the ball. i miss and chase it to the water’s edge where i rinse my sandy self off.

i should put on more sunscreen, but i’m having too much fun.

in this moment, i am happy.

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  • Laura S.


  • From Tracie

    I love your happiness.

    And you look great in that bikini! Rocking it.

  • Arnebya

    Outside of serving, I suck at volleyball. But I would still play just because. And pooch or no (that I can’t even see) you are hot in that ‘kini.

  • a.eye

    Glad you are happy and having fun and showing off your body – don’t stop wearing what you want to wear just because of a numerical age!!

  • TheDiamondGal

    You look phenomenal….and I love this…Wish I was there!

    • Erin Margolin

      Diamond Gal,

      Thank you so much, sweetie! I wish I was still there….but I’d miss the kiddos too much! xoxo

  • My Inner Chick

    So happy that you’re happy. You rock in the suit xx

  • Alison

    Um, you look beautiful. Also, love that you’re happy.

  • Mindy

    Love this post. Love the gorgeous photo of you! This post makes me happy.

  • Ally

    Happy is a great moment to be in.

  • Nicole Morgan

    I think if I could wear that bikini – I would be happy too 😉

  • Sili, CEM

    I love it! And, what do you mean you’re 36 and maybe shouldn’t be wearing one! I’m wearing one when I’m 56, just like my mami! And I don’t even care if I’ll have a buddah belly to go along with it. Because I’ll be happy in the same way that you describe here in this post.


  • Brittany at Mommy Words

    I love this. Turning him on with athletic ability. I did that when my husband saw me play soccer and realized I wasn’t making it up that I played for a long time and I am still not bad. Go you in your bikini. I wear one piece because I have never been comfy in a bikini but I wish I was!

  • Jackie Park-Cross

    Why should you not be wearing a bikini??? You look great and there is so much to be proud of!
    For me… I’ll just be happy wearing a swimsuit and not looking like a whale this upcoming summer!

  • The Dose of Reality

    Girl, if I looked like you in a bikini I would wear one EVERYWHERE I went! So glad you are happy! :)

  • PamelaFaganHutchins

    Happy is good. Stay there :) Glad you had such a wonderful time!

  • Lady Jennie

    So sweet! A surprise talent. It’s nice to have those moments of deep happiness, isn’t it?

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