In My Next Life

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in my next life i shall be a midwife, catching slippery babies in my arms each day. holding new life in my hands and watching the purplish faces change to red, the first breaths, the first cries. watching miracles happen gives me hope for myself, for the world. monitors, sterile instruments and blood, then the cone-like head of a newborn, handing her over to her parents, flush with love and wonder.






or maybe i’ll be a pastry chef, wearing a tall hat that tames my sweaty tendrils and keeps them from baking into the sticky buns; licking frosting from my fingertips and delighting people with my creme brรปlรฉe; placing the ramekins in a bain marie and setting the kitchen on fire while I carmelize the tops with the butane torch.

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in my next life i could be an acrobat, or perform in Cirque de Soleil. i’ll hang from ropes of soft fabric and silks, all long limbs and lithe body. i’ll swing through the air with ease, tiptoe lightly across the wooden floor in my bare feet and then leap again into life on the stage where grace is my middle name.

perhaps i’ll be a short-haired street artist in Paris and hold a cigarette to my lips. i’ll sketch caricatures of stupid tourists and work on my memoir during the lulls, then stop for a cappuccino at a sidewalk cafe…the contrast of the stark white demitasse against my ink-stained fingers. my stomach rumbles, the constant affliction of one who can barely afford rent even with roommates, let alone food.

who will you be in your next life?

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  • Sarah Heleringer Reinhart

    I’ve actually thought about being a midwife in THIS life. Haha. As a doula, I attend births once or twice a month–and being a small part of life entering the world is…sacred.
    I think in my next life I’d like to a photographer for National Geographic :) So fun to think about.

    • Erin Margolin


      LOVE LOVE THAT! You are so lucky! photographer sounds good too. Excuse this ridiculously late reply. Happy Friday!

  • Renee Jacobson

    In my next life, I shall be unmarried. The unwashed dishes in the sink will all be mine, and cereal for dinner will be perfectly acceptable. No one would criticize my terrible baking skills. I would stop at the market for one glorious cupcake each day, and that would be enough. I would work long hours, stay up as late as a wanted writing words in longhand first and then tapping them onto my computer. I would not have much, I’m sure, but I’d make time for my lovers — somehow. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Erin Margolin


      I love this. Love you. You need to write a post like this because I love your comment so much! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Alison

    I want to be a beach bum. Or someone who gets paid to travel and stay at luxury resorts for free. Preferably by the beach. Notice the theme?

    (I’ve been dreaming of running away lately.)

    • Erin Margolin


      YOu need a travel writing gig. THey’d send you everywhere and you could do reviews, yes? That would be AWESOME! Oh, but the kids….

  • Kir

    oh Erin, you write the MOST BEAUTIFUL posts…honestly. I’d love to live inside your brain someday.

    in my next life, I am going to just LIVE More, LOVE MORE, LAUGH MORE and know that whatever I do, that I’m ok just the way I am. Eat more cupcakes, say NO more, stand up for myself daily…and know that writing is something I love to do. I’ll do it earlier in my life, I’ll start my dreams on MY TIME not someone else’s.

    that or I’ll just run away with ALISON. (Cause I love her…wanna come? )


  • Lady Jennie

    So full of vision and imagery – reading it makes me feel like you already are those things!

  • Jackie Park-Cross

    Well… this life while it’s had it’s up & downs is pretty good. But I am going to have to agree with Alison…. I’d like to get paid to travel!

  • Elaine A.

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS!!!! I may have to do a post like this.

    I love who you are going to be, possibly, in your next lives…

  • Ericka Clay

    Beautiful post. And I’d be a professional nap taker because at the rate I’m going, sleep is pretty much dead last on the ‘ol to do list.

  • NaomiHattaway

    In my next life, I will be studying my own courses, writing my own essays instead of consistently answering their homework questions. I will spend time with my Husb doing things that I used to write about in my journal at night after a date with him. In my next life I will … dream more.

  • Kerstin Auer

    Love this post, Erin.
    I’m also still figuring out what I’m gonna be in this life ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • The Dose of Reality

    Oh Gosh, that is a hard one. In my next life, I will be calmer. And more trusting. And less anxious. And taller.

  • PamelaFaganHutchins

    ME :) I am the most blessed me I can imagine being, living my dream. I know that’s a boring answer, but it’s the truth.

  • The JackB

    I am about to start my next life, but no words yet as to what it is. It is too young and too fragile to talk about, but soon.

  • anymommy

    I’m still working on this life. But I love yours!

  • mandyland

    A cat. And I’ll sleep all day long and roam the streets at night. Wait. That sounds bad. Let’s just say it’s for the sleeping all day long bit.

  • jamie@southmainmuse

    Hmm. I think I’d be involved in theater someway. Writing, acting, set design — who knows. It seems so all consuming, I don’t feel like making the leap from my current life (which I love) into that world. But I find it so intriguing.

  • HouseTalkN

    I will live in NYC and do stand up comedy! For now, my kiddos are my most supportive fans!

  • Helena

    I am in love with your next life.

  • jessica

    Your writing is amazing Erin, I want more. In my next life I will be a ballerina I think.

  • Galit Breen

    Wow Erin, this is stunning.

  • Tracy @ Momaical

    Yay! Those are fun next lives!