I Wish (& The Girls Do Good Stuff)

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In case you’re wondering where I went…
I popped over to the Listen To Your Mother : Kansas City blog to post there earlier this week. I wrote about wishing for a Motherhood Manual. You know, something bound, concrete, sold at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Something that tells us moms how to do all.the.things.

You can click here to read that post.

And as promised, here are some preliminary photos from this morning. For the twins’ eighth birthday, we asked for donations of food and personal care items in lieu of presents. We were super impressed by all the “loot” we got last weekend!

So this morning, with a trunk full of healthy, organic, kosher, and even gluten-free stuff, we headed to our first destination: Jewish Family Services of Greater Kansas City. The girls were quite pleased as we filled up the barrels at the JCC. And psssst. In case you’re not going to bother reading the links, NO, JFS doesn’t require that all donated food be kosher! Nonetheless, we took care to bring some of everything, careful that ALL of our selections were healthy as a firm foundation. Because, well… you know about “those people.” Jill Smokler (a.k.a. Scary Mommy) & Jennifer Ball would’ve been proud to see the quinoa, organic oatmeal, Trader Joe’s almond butter, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice…










Next stop? Harvester’s.

This is what the holidays are all about. Giving. And about teaching our kids what’s really important. It’s not the presents, the material things, more “stuff.”

It’s about the way we feel when we give of ourselves, when we do things unasked. We do because we can and because we want to.

We’ll keep right on doing it.

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  • tonyawertman

    Bless their little kind hearts! Love that you documented this. xo

  • Alison Lee

    You’re giving your girls such a good start to a giving life, that is awesome!

  • Sarah Heleringer Reinhart

    so lovely to read Erin! Big hugs and keep up the good :)

  • Ally

    Okay, this is the second heart warming post I’ve read in a row. What a wonderful you engage your girls in the world. Well done, mama!

  • http://www.about100percent.com/ Andrea

    You. Are. Awesome. And what a great mom to teach your girls the importance of giving!!

  • Nicole Morgan

    hey rockstar Mom, you are doing it all right!!!

  • Greta

    I LOVE that you did this for their birthday!!

  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    How awesome that you and the girls did this!

  • The Dose of Reality

    SO proud of you guys!! :) That is just fantastic in every way Erin!-Ashley