I Just Have a Soul Full of Ladybugs.

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inspired by a prompt yesterday via Blissdom Wisdom Workshops

I just have… wildflowers in my heart

I just have… poetry pouring out of a hole in my head.

I just have… eyes that are puffy from tears I hold back. Or the tears I can’t.

I just have….love etched on my arms.

I just have… a soul full of ladybugs, butterflies, and songbirds.

I just have….aching, papery skin that shrinks away from touch.

I just have…fireworks of longing going off inside me, hues of purple, pink, and orange.

I just have…spiderwebs in places that I’ve left closed off for years.

I just have…a stomach that stays knotted up like some old rope on a ship.

I just have…an empty womb where swan songs were once sung.

I just have…a heaviness that’s too big to hold.

I just have…brown eyes that want to see inside you, see if you’re real.

I just have…an angry tendency to compare.

I just have…so much love for others, yet so little for myself.

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  • http://twitter.com/RASJacobson Renee Jacobson

    I’ve been toying with titles of my book – and Soul full of Ladybugs is one of them. Crazy to see that here today. Another option is Chasing Hornets. You haven’t written that, too — have you?