Heidi Cave & Fancy Feet!

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Do you know my phenomenal friend Heidi Cave? You should. We’ve never met in person, but I came to know her through her blog, Fancy Feet, and a weekly writing linkup at Yeah Write I used to do. Here’s a little bit about her in her own words:

In 1998 Heidi Cave was an active young woman looking forward to all the possibilities life had to offer.

That all changed when her car was struck by a reckless driver going more than 100km/hr (60 mph). The car crash resulted in a battle for Heidi’s life that would involve two weeks in a coma, seven months in the BCPFF Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit at Vancouver General Hospital and an additional five months in rehabilitation.

What should have been the darkest chapter of her life became a bright testament to the strength of the human spirit. Heidi is now a wife, mother, motivational speaker, and author. The tragedy of the accident has been turned into a life message of hope. She knows the power of love and courage, and how to impart it to others. Her story has inspired thousands to renew their own hope, and to believe that anything is possible. You can find Heidi’s recently released memoir FANCY FEET: Turning My Tragedy Into Hope in bookstores and Amazon.

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Here’s an excerpt from Fancy Feet:

Chapter 1: “Do you want to live?”

I blinked, my eyes blurred by tears and bright light.
Mom and dad were near, soothing me, but I couldn’t
understand what they were saying. I knew something had
happened. Something bad. But I couldn’t remember. I didn’t
know. My face hot and stretched tight, the tears kept coming. I
heard a door open and close.


My cries turned to sobs.


I can’t stop.

“You were in a car accident. It’s bad, Heidi.”

It’s Scott.

“You’ve got to fight. Do you want to live?”

Live or die, live or die. I knew it would be easy to die. I was
close to it. My parents, Scott, the sterile room, my tears told me
death wasn’t far.

I answered, “Yes.”

I slipped into unconsciousness.


Pain bled into my dreams, having its way with me. Held
captive in cages, I traveled great distances over mountains and
through valleys. Hitched to wagons, in truck beds, I bumped
over rough terrain and climbed steep hillsides. I was always on
my back, unable to curl up or turn to my side; my body stretched
out, palms up, and tied down. No time to stop. I slept, but never
rested. Sometimes forgotten outside in the cold, I saw my breath
and wished someone would take pity on me and bring me inside.

There were people everywhere, but I couldn’t reach them
and they couldn’t see me.

Reality crept in once in a while, life and dream crossing lines,
blurring together.

A young girl kneeling down, touching my hand, whispering,
“We’re praying for you. Please be okay.” Radio stations being
switched and the sound of static. A song I’d recognize, a gentle
warning, “Heidi, we’re going to pull this out now,” as a tube was
pulled out of my throat, my body arching and then sighing.
Desperate prayers uttered, familiar voices singing to me. These
moments formed lullabies breaking through my medicated terror.
Unable to move, my dreams held me under. Throughout my
childhood, I was plagued by nightmares, and I learned the art of
escaping when I found myself in one. I opened my eyes and shook
off the night. But this time, I was trapped in whatever hell my
body was in, and my mind refused to let me go.


Heidi & her gorgeous family!









You want more don’t you? Well, here’s the thing: if you scurry over RIGHT NOW, you can scoop up a deal on Amazon for your Kindle — get Heidi’s Fancy Feet in under a minute for only $1.99 by clicking here! But you have to move because this deal is only good now through 10/27. Otherwise, if you prefer paperback, you can also get that via Amazon here.


And at the very least? Go meet Heidi virtually, follow her, say hello & introduce yourself! Heidi’s a woman to watch & I admire her greatly. I’m immersed in her book now and can’t wait to finish, but I already know I’ll be giving it five stars. She’s inspiring, her writing is raw, real, and personal, and I have no doubt you’ll love her as much as I do.

Follow Heidi on Twitter.

Read Heidi’s blog.

Find Heidi on Facebook.

Please share Fancy Feet with your friends, family, and fellow readers!

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  • thekitchenwitch

    Wow. What a brave woman! Thank you for sharing her with us and telling us about the book! Must read!

    • heidi cave

      Hi! I’m so honored. Thank you!

  • Katie

    Woe. This sounds like a GREAT read! It’s on my list. Boom.

    • heidi cave

      Katie, it’s so nice to meet you here! Thank you so much. :)

  • http://writingwishing.com/ Alison

    I adore Heidi, and have been since we ‘met’ via Yeah Write a couple of years ago. Her story is amazing, her writing, phenomenal. Thank you for sharing her and her book here, Erin!

    • heidi cave

      Hi Alison! Thank you for your kind, kind words. You’re a delight! Can you believe it’s already been 2 years?!

  • http://auercommunication.com/ Kerstin Auer

    I love Heidi and have met her in person at one of her book signings – she’s every bit as phenomenal in person. Thanks for sharing her story here as well, Erin – everyone needs to read this book!

    • heidi cave

      Hello friend! It was so, so great to meet your kind, thoughtful and smart self.

  • http://www.about100percent.com/ Andrea

    Done! Can’t wait to read Heidi’s story.

    • heidi cave

      Thank you so much, Andrea! Hope you enjoy it!

  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    I am so moved by Heidi’s words and hearing about her journey. This sounds like a great read!

    • heidi cave

      Awww..thank you. So, so much! I just saw your tweet too – favorited! Can you say favorited? 😉

  • Jean

    What a powerful story. I was hooked in just from that little excerpt. What lucky children she has to have such a role model for a mother.

    • heidi cave

      Thanks so much, Jean! I’m honored by your kind words. Sometimes I worry that my kids are missing out because there are just some things I can’t do, so your comment means a lot to me.

  • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

    The excerpt gave me chills! Your family is beautiful, Heidi. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.

    • heidi cave

      Thank you, Elaine! What lovely things to say – I’m so touched.

  • http://www.jenniferpwilliams.com/ Jennifer P. Williams

    Oh my goodness. That is powerful and riveting and terrifying.

    • heidi cave

      Hi Jennifer! It was, at the time. I’ll give away the ending and tell you I’m doing much better now. 😉 Thank you for your comment!

  • http://www.scoopsofjoy.com/ Maureen @ScoopsofJoy

    WOW that sends chill down my spine. Thank you for sharing this book and the amazing writer. I will be checking it out.

    • heidi cave

      Thank you so, so much, Maureen! That means a lot to me.