Halloween–Cast your votes NOW for your favorite ensemble!!!

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I’m having SO much trouble deciding which of these costumes would be best for Halloween this year. Thus I’m asking you, my devoted readers, for guidance so that I can make an informed decision. Which one should I stuff myself into, huh? (if you don’t know me very well, please trust that this is oozing with sarcasm and I am not considering any of the above ensembles)
I just want to know why most adult costumes are either (a) totally inappropriate (see above) or (b) totally dumb/geeky? I am not crafty like some people (you know who you are!), so making my own costume isn’t an option. This year I would like to dress up with the girls. I know I’ve still got time, but when faced with options like these, I just want to pull on my jeans and call it a day. Every year our country club throws a very fun Halloween party for the kids, and a lot of the adults dress up too. But I never have. So PROJECT HALLOWEEN is officially ON!
Are you dressing up for Halloween? And if so, what will you be?
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  • Rachel

    I'm gonna be a character from Mad Men! Sexy but not slutty, and creative. A win-win.

  • Lee the Hot Flash Queen

    Now, the little maids uniform might be good just for when the kids go to bed…

    I don't dress up for Halloween. This year, I feel lucky that I convinced hubby to bring them home after Shabbat…it's his weekend and he doesn't do halloween, or birthdays, or thanksgiving…he's just NO FUN!

  • kyslp

    When I saw those pics, I thought you wanted us to choose one of them for you. LOL. I have this problem every year.

    I'm thinking about making a fairy costume. One that covers my big ole rear end. I have the pattern but have never made a costume before. Actually, I've never made anything that fits.

    Anxious to see what you come up with.

  • Laura

    I think they are all pretty risque! Good luck!

  • BunkieBott

    I was happy when I read that you were being sarcastic about these options! I was beginning to wonder what got into you!!

    I agree though, most adult female costumes are super slutty and it drives me crazy! Last year I glued a little clay pot to a hat and went as a "pot-head". Very cheesy but it got a lot of laughs. If you are looking at buying a costume I'd check party city- they usually have a TON of costumes and they aren't all slutty and range in price from $20-$100 depending on how fancy and detailed you get with accessories!

  • Heide

    I vote for the slutty one.


    Just put a paper bag on your head and be The Unknown Comic.

  • Stephanie Faris

    In my single days, going out with friends, I wore my fair share of outfits from buycostume.com and Halloween Express. I found that unless you have fake boobs, most of those costumes do NOT look that good. So the key for me was to find one I could wear with my padded push-up bra. (I'm the queen of those bras with the padding in the lower outer bottom that make you look like you have mondo cleavage!) So I'd go with that top one. The last one is HOT…but I'm getting a cheap material vibe from it based on some of the ones I've bought like that…I have a feeling once you get it you'd be disappointed. A tip, though…I think you can go to buycostume.com and people have reviewed the costumes…so you can get an idea for what it's really like once it's on.

  • Night Owl Mama

    Oh that's a Tuff one OK I'll go with #3. I want one too. SUPEr CUTE and just think how warm and cozy your feet will be
    stopping in from the SITS to say Hello come by for a visit

  • Ami

    These costumes are exactly why I don't usually dress up for Halloween. IF they came in my size, which they probably don't, they're not exactly appropriate for any party I'd go to. Not that I'm going to a party. I've never really been much of a Halloween dresser-upper.

    What about an M&M? A couple big pieces of felt cut into a circle and glued together with holes for head, arms and legs and you're in business! :)

  • Erin M.

    Right! I just hope everyone picked up on my sarcasm. There's no way I'd wear any of these! But I definitely have seen some people wearing similar things. I'm just not brave enough & at my age have no business parading around like that. hee hee

  • Monica

    haha, I used to work a costume shop and we always sold outfits like these to people who should NOT be wearing them!
    I don't dress up, but you could always do something easy like a cat. Black shirt, black pants, get and ear and tail set and draw some whiskers on your face.

  • Nicole Bradshaw

    Well, I know I'll have to dress up like a character from Clue this year because we are having a Clue dinner party.

    Aside from that, I'm thinking either Bob Ross or Charlie Chaplin.

  • Poconut

    I was so shocked when I first looked at these costumes but I was going to vote naughty nurse, lol. Belle wants to be a vampire so I'm going to be a vampire with her. Cullen style. Just some funky fashionable clothes (or whatever I grab), some smokey make-up (I can give you an online lesson to make your eyes smokey), maybe some fangs (I know that's not Cullen style though) and maybe a wig to make it more fun…we'll see. A fabulous gothic necklace or something. Go vamp with me Erin!!

  • Elaine A.

    I like the devil one. HAWT!!

    I'm going as the chick who just had a baby and has spit up on her shirt and hasn't showered in 3 days. ;-)

  • Reluctant Housewife


    Um… I'm not good at this. I haven't figured out a decent halloween costume in years.

    Dress as your favorite character from popular culture.