Giveaway! Helen Jon Design

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Today, my darlings, it’s time for some FUN. It’s getting cold and dreary here in Kansas City, but my friends behind Helen Jon Design are keeping me focused on sun, summer, and all things stylish! Check out the Helen Jon blog when you have a chance. Their swimwear has even been featured in Real Simple (my favorite magazine). I know what you might be thinking, but trust me — Gwyn & Missy have it going on, and I’m lusting after their board shorts and skirts, the Melinda tunic, and OMG THESE BEACH PANTS! My husband would prefer to see me in a bikini, but let’s face it: I’m getting old, I’ve had three kids, and most importantly, (a) the sun is not my friend, and (b) spider veins. Cough, cough.

In a nutshell, here’s the Helen Jon story:

Gwyn Prentice and Missy Neville launched Helen Jon in July 2012 after recognizing the need for a fashionable and functional swimwear brand focused on beautiful prints and colors, and an evolution in swimwear was born. The swimsuits, board shorts, and tunics to mix and match have been inspired through years of travel across the globe and take into consideration all women’s shapes and sizes. Meant to be worn in and out of the water, Helen Jon ultimately changes the idea of swimwear fashion into a lifestyle concept. 

Helen Jon is fully designed and produced in the USA. <–BOOM. YES!

I will be giving away one of Helen Jon’s Reversible Beach Totes in Olivia (the black & white pattern):

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 9.56.11 PM


Here’s more information that demonstrates how versatile it is…

  • It is reversible
  • Water-resistant
  • Fully lined
  • Wide, soft straps that are so comfortable and easy to wear
  • Perfect for the beach, to use as a yoga bag, a gym bag, a tote to bring to the market… you name it.


To enter, scroll on down to Rafflecopter, but you can find Helen Jon all over social  media:

Follow Helen Jon Design on Twitter.

“Like” Helen Jon Design on Facebook.

Follow Helen Jon Design on Pinterest.

Please follow Helen Jon on Instagram. <–couldn’t squeeze this puppy in on Rafflecopter, but it’s another great way to see what’s up!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A winner will be chosen at random a week from today, Wednesday, November 27, 2013! I’ll send your name, address, and information directly to Gwyn and Missy so that they can ship your tote to you!

Good luck, and thanks for entering and spreading the word!


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  • Greta

    the Melinda tunic is adorable!

    • Erin Margolin


      I know, I love it. Sigh. So many things, makes it hard to choose. I really appreciate your stopping by, entering, commenting! MWAH!

  • From Tracie

    I love the Fold-Over Beach Pant (in the orange and purple)!

    • Erin Margolin


      Me too! I love most of their things, which is my basic problem. But I love the totes because they’re wonderful for everything — carrying groceries, kid stuff, books, whatever I have to haul around.

  • Alison

    I adore the caftans!

  • Andrea

    Wheee! I love the board shorts.

    • Erin Margolin


      That makes us a pair! I need extra coverage while swimming w/ the kiddos and potentially doing any a-hem, unplanned lunges. Don’t laugh— it’s happened before (one time I got into the pool before the lifeguard did when Abby fell off diving board at age 3…. but I had already gotten dressed and was about to leave w/ Izzy. It was a scene, omg!). So the board shorts and cover ups/tunics will be great b/c then I don’t have to schlep a change of clothes every time, you know?

      Thanks for coming by, entering, and helping spread the word!! 😉

  • Natalie

    I am always in need of a great beach tote! And beach pants? Why have I never heard of these???

    • Erin Margolin


      I KNOW!! I’ve been telling everyone. I’m head over heels for the board shorts, too. Between the twins & Piper, I need some extra coverage (see also: OLD LADY HERE)….and it’ll be so nice not to worry when we’re playing at the pool!

  • shellthings

    I love the beach pants!

    • Erin Margolin

      Thanks so much, Shell! I love those too. I want EVERYTHING. And I’m just proud of my friends for launching their brand exclusively MADE IN THE USA… I appreciate your stopping by, commenting, entering, and sharing about @HelenJonDesign! 😉

  • Elaine A.

    You make me want to hit the beach! Such cute things!!

  • Katie

    Oh this makes me think about summer. LOVE!


    • Erin Margolin


      BEACH PANTS indeed! I want to become a beach pants hoarder. And a board pants hoarder. I am gonna skip the regular bikini bottoms. They make me have a panic attack. 😉

  • Kim@Co-Pilot Mom

    I love the tunic and the beach pants and the tote. So summery and light.

  • Tina @ Life Without Pink

    Oh I want the summer back!

    • Erin Margolin


      I’m ready for some winter, but this way I have plenty of time to prepare for next summer.. & chasing after all 3 kids without worrying if a body part comes out. Oops!

  • Renee Jacobson

    Omigosh! I LOVE those beach pants – but they also have beach dresses, and beach surfer tees! What a great company! I haven’t tweeted anything in FOREVER, but I’m going to tweet about this! xo

    • Erin Margolin


      Oh thank you, and I’m SO GLAD you stopped by & that you love their things! Gwyn and Missy are personal friends of mine who launched this company and I love that everything is MADE IN THE USA. I love the board shorts and am going to have to get some stuff for myself…I like extra coverage, esp when I’m swimming w/ the kids & now Piper (well, I have until next summer, LOL!).


  • Kathy Radigan

    Ooh what fun!! What a great bag!! Thanks for introducing me to this great company, keeping my fingers crossed!

    • Erin Margolin


      Thanks so much for stopping by & entering! My friends at @HelenJonDesign are really excited for this!

  • Sarah Heleringer Reinhart

    Love that tote Erin. I would like to win it, please and thanks. xx.

  • Roxanne Piskel

    Those fold over beach pants look uber comfy.