Embrace Your Body Challenge with The Mommyologist

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Mary The Mommyologist is once again getting us to think hard about how we view ourselves with this week’s Embrace Your Body Challenge. If you go here, you can watch her vlog and hear what she likes about herself. It made me pretty nervous, but I let her thoughts marinate for a bit.
Ultimately I did my own vlog below about I like about me. It was difficult to do, as it’s much more my speed to obsess over all the things I can’t stand about myself. But the reality is that I have two young girls watching me every minute, so I need monitor myself and censor what I say out loud. I’ve got to start thinking more positively too, because they are perceptive and can sense a lot just by watching me as I get dressed and ready in front of a mirror.
So here it is—this was my first shot, out of breath & in the rough, right after failing miserably at a new Jillian Michaels dvd The Father Load bought. Still and all, I managed to find one positive thing. I am going to work hard to find others.

What do you like about yourself? Why not link up at Mary The Mommyologist’s place with photos or a vlog and tell us?

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