Dream a BIG GAY Dream With Me.

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I have a dream.

It’s a really fucking BIG one. A big GAY one (And Dad, don’t get on my case about the title of this post or my using that language because I asked several gay friends of mine before I did so and they said it was 100% NOT offensive).

It’s to make a documentary about my experience growing up with a gay dad. And two other friends, Amie and Jared, who also grew up with gay dads are joining me in this endeavor.

And in an ideal world we’d be rich and could just fund this ourselves. But we can’t.

So my dream is that YOU, yes—YOU—will contribute to our Indiegogo campaign so that we can raise the funds needed in order to bring our big dream to fruition.

My goals:

*To tell my story, all of it. The good, the bad, the in-between. But ultimately a story of survival, a story of hope, a story of a different kind of family. Not bad, not less, just different.

*To be able to reach families who are struggling with similar issues: someone coming out of the closet and leaving children in the wake, dealing with the aftermath of such a revelation. Some of these families have been closeted all this time, afraid to tell their stories. Some are peeking their heads out to look for the all-clear.

*If we make this documentary, these families will come. Out, that is. They will know there are others like them (like Amie, Jared, and I did not for so long). Kids with one or two gay parents will not feel alone or scared.

*There are many organizations devoted to helping the straight spouse who is left behind. There are groups who help gay people find their footing once they’ve shed their secrets. But what’s missing is support for the kids. Let’s not leave them behind. I don’t care that I’m 36 years old: I AM STILL THE CHILD OF A GAY DAD. That 15-year-old girl is still inside, and she’s insecure sometimes.

*That 15-year-old girl? Continues to have issues. And probably never felt comfortable sharing her anger with her father. Instead, she turned inward on herself. Somehow, she blamed herself. It was easier to lash out at mom, but too scary to blame dad for something he had no control over—yet, he did in a way because he knew he was gay before he married mom.

If you’re thinking, what can I do to help?  Here’s your handy-dandy list:

Thank you. Seriously. All of this means the world to us. And please let us know if you have a project we can help out with in some way. We’d like to return the favor!


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  • http://twitter.com/RASJacobson Renee Jacobson

    So. Proud. Of. You. But you already knew that. And I donated. But you already knew that. See you on Friday. Mwah!

    • http://masalachica.blogspot.com/ Masala Chica

      Do you guys live near each other?

      • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

        Kiran, I wish we did, but we don’t. Hell, I wish we ALL lived close. But the next best thing is a blog conference. so when/where are you going? i have no plans as of right now other than knowing i want to try some new ones out…

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      You are a rock star. And I don’t know if I can do this HOliday Yum thing. I am swamped. I need to look at all the emails and see….xoxoxox

  • http://masalachica.blogspot.com/ Masala Chica

    This is amazing, Erin. You guys are totally going to do this, you know that, right? Let me figure out what we can donate and I will send something over. Lots of love – i love helping people dream a little gayer :-) (Great title!)

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Thank you so very much, and I’m terribly sorry for the late reply. I love your expression, “dream a little gayer.” That’s fabulous!! I’m gonna start using that all the time now. HUGS! xoxoxo

  • http://twitter.com/MomMadeItLookEZ Jennifer Williams

    Donated and shared and I still have the story I want to share with you about my therapist. Breaks my heart every time I think about it.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      We really appreciate your donation and we’ll hear your story anytime you want and/or are ready (Amie in in charge of submissions)…xoxoxo

  • http://twitter.com/GalitBreen Galit Breen

    Way to go, woman! So ridiculously PROUD of, and EXCITED for, you! xo

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Thanks so much, darling!! I am excited that you are excited for me! LOL! xo

  • Kimberly Szubinski

    Erin, you are amazing!!! So incredibly proud of you!!! We will absolutely donate and share your story with anyone who will listen. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. Much love and hugs!!

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin

      Kim! Oh my gosh, thank you so much for stopping by to read this. If you know anyone in this situation, or even people in the gay/bisexual/transgender community to share this with…that would be incredible helpful. I hope you, Clint, and your beautiful brood are doing well! xoxo

  • http://fourplusanangel.com/ jessica

    This is so amazingly awesome. Love watching you follow your dreams and can’t wait to see you get there, because you will.

  • http://www.misselaineouslife.com Elaine A.

    Love you AND your Big Gay dream!! This is so awesome. And I have to say, I am just so glad you found others who share this part of your life and that you can talk with and collaborate with. It’s truly wonderful, my friend. xoxoxoxo

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      YOU are wonderful, my friend! I appreciate all your support and positivity and sharing. You’re such a doll! xoxoxoxo

  • http://twitter.com/BlissfulSeed Cindy E Rangel

    36 years young is going to be an even more amazing year for ya, Erin. Wow, how inspiring, what a story. I would love to see you achiteve your dreams.

    • http://www.erinmargolin.com/ Erin Margolin


      Thank you so very much. I can’t wait to bring my dreams to fruition, too. I appreciate your support and thanks for stopping by!

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