deep thoughts

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ok, so is a “muffin top” when you have those unsightly bulges that hang out over the top of your jeans waistband (so a horizontal muffin top)? OR is a muffin top what you have, say, just above one’s c-section scar (a shelf, as it were)? i am concerned i’ve been mislabeling my parts. or maybe i have two separate muffin tops?! oy vey. it’s funny the way age and pregnancy change the landscape of a woman’s body. my stomach used to be almost concave. i always prided myself on that. not so much anymore. being pregnant with twins didn’t help much. sure, it could be worse, but…meh.

yesterday i got the cleaning bug—for my car. ewwwww! you wouldn’t believe the yuckies (as my girls would say) that hide underneath kids’ car seats and inside all the nooks & crannies of said car seats. it’s not uncommon for me to find stray goldfish crackers or cheerios coated in fuzz, but when i tell you there was actual sludge (most probably brought about by the coupling of spilled snacks and water, combined with a healthy dose of heat and time) inside the bottom/underneath parts of the girls’ car seats, i want to die. i consider myself a pretty neat/clean person, but honestly taking 2 large car seats out of my car is a job i don’t savor. they’re unwieldy, heavy, and cumbersome. and it’s hot out, so i’m sweating buckets as it is. i used clorox wipes and my little dust buster to get them clean. then i had to clean my backseat, wipe it down, etc. i washed the fabric car seat covers while i was doing the rest of this. and finally put down a large old towel along the backseat before reinstalling both car seats. i had to take a shower again when i was done. ridiculous!

on another note, i was thinking about how fragile female friendships can the thin thread of a spiderweb. i am supposed to chat with an old friend later because we’ve had an argument. i can’t remember the last time we fought (we don’t live close and don’t often get to see one another now that we both have kids). with guys, it seems easier, simpler. my husband, for example, can go a year or more without talking to one of his friends and it’s as if it’s no big deal. they pick right up where they left off. i can do that with some friends, but with my close friends i prefer to be in contact more often, be it by phone, email, or visiting in person. i don’t know. i also don’t make promises i can’t keep. do i? maybe i put too much stock in my female friends—but i never had a sister and always wanted one.which is one reason i feel that my girls are so lucky to have each other.

i’ll leave you with this—-
this morning we were running errands and drove past our local TCBY where we like to take the girls sometimes. #ffff00;">Abby saw it and said, “mommy, i NEED ice cream. i need ice cream NOW!” so funny.

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  • MSarchivist

    HAHAHA!! Mislabeling your parts!!! That’s funny!

    I am pretty sure muffin top refers to the pooch certain *ahem* people get above the waistline of their jeans/pants when they are too tight.

    I hope your conversation goes well! I need to call you and tell you about the weekend trip.