Crowdfunding Tips & Tricks: A Vlog

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Today I have the honor of being featured at Lisa Young’s blog in her Be Your Own Guru Series.  You can listen to me wax philosophical about my personal experiences fundraising for The Gay Dad Project documentary. I’ll even tell you how NOT to fundraise properly. Watch my crowdfunding vlog by clicking here.

I first met Lisa in 2010 at Sarah Robinsons’s Creating Irresistible Presence Conference in Atlanta. We’ve stayed in touch ever since and I’ve watched her grow and inspire others in so many ways.

Lisa asked me to share my crowdfunding experiences for her series, and since I’m fresh off The Gay Dad Project Indiegogo campaign, I felt I had some worthy ideas to contribute about using platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise money to make your dreams come true.



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Please visit Lisa’s blog and watch me blink my eyes too much. You can also see my dog licking himself in the background, and if you have good ears? You’ll hear my twins fighting in the living room down the hall.  Enjoy!

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  • Lisa Robbin Young

    You are so freaking adorable! I love how honest and real your vlog is, and how much you share from your experiences. You really are being your own guru and blazing a trail for others that want to make their own dreams come true. Thanks so much for sharing your voice in this project!