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Out of Time

**I’m too late to link up, but I’m using the prompt from Yeah Write.  Since it’s time for a new me & time to stretch myself, I’m shucking my fear & returning to writing.** Tina’s face shines with sweat. I … Continue reading

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Judy Blume Project : I Think I Made You Up Inside My Head

Dana of The Kitch Witch & Kim of West Coast Posse are the brains behind the #JudyBlumeProject. Go there to read more! Below is my first ever attempt to join them. ********** Dear Diary, I can’t stop reading this Sylvia Plath poem, … Continue reading

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Crumbs and Secrets

This is fiction. Enjoy?! ****** We sit outside at the cafe. I’ve got a cigarette in my shaking hand. With his mouth full of food he says, “I promise I’m not trying to get in your pants.” I inhale deeply … Continue reading

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Fast Car

At first I hear voices, but it’s like I’m underwater or in a tunnel. I try to swallow but something’s stuck in my throat and I struggle against it, desperate to yank it out, but I’m frozen. Despite every effort … Continue reading

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My Inner Women

I was so inspired by Ananda Leeke’s seminar at the Blissdom ’12 Conference that I’m writing about some of the archetypes living inside me. I’ll list and describe each (some have names, some don’t…yet) one briefly: The little girl inside of me, Ernie (my … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday: 20 Years

After ordering a Cosmo, Sarah chose a corner booth in a small bar on the fringes of the French Quarter. It was dark, not too crowded. Perfect. Perched on a torn seat, she finished her cocktail in several swift gulps, but still it took four tries to get her cigarette glowing. 20 years. As she dragged deeply she scanned the … Continue reading

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Playboy: Flash Fiction

Via The Red Dress Club: Flash Fiction can be fun. Write a 300 word piece using this word for inspiration: LIFE. Constructive criticism is encouraged. But bear in mind this is one of my first forays into fiction & not my … Continue reading

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Pink Donut Perfection

(This is FICTION. I welcome any constructive criticism & appreciate your thoughts & comments! **previously published**) Amy waited in line at Quik Trip tapping her right foot on the dirty linoleum floor. The perfect pink donuts in quaint rows inside the Krispy … Continue reading

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Short Story Part Deux–How They Met

If you missed Part I of this story, please go here. They’d met at the Cherokee Inn in Jackson, a dive tucked away in a spot only the locals know about. For Sarah, it was the lure of fried dill … Continue reading

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