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A Jew Haiku

A Jew Haiku           They made mezuzahs. Little things make me happy. I love my daughters.  

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Candle 5: Embrace Your Inner Jew During Hanukkah Hoopla!

      I made this vlog last year for my old blog (The Mother Load), but was looking for a reason to run it again this year when Renee A. Schuls-Jacobson of Lessons From Teachers and Twits contacted me … Continue reading

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Gratitude. (And Fear)

I’m linking up today with the Red Dress Club to talk about what I’m grateful for. I am grateful for so many things: my freedom of speech, my nice house and my mama minivan. Grateful for my family and friends, my … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Jew at Hanukkah Time

Here’s me in all my glory. This is how scary I look like on a daily basis. I meant to shower this morning thank goodness there’s no smell-o-vision. BEWARE: I violated my own personal vlogging rule, which is to try to keep the … Continue reading

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Wedding Redux, or, My Husband Agrees To Marry Me a Second Time.

Many of you have heard about the fundraiser The Father Load and I participated in last night called The Sasone Wedding.  Sasone is an organization that benefits Jewish children with special needs. Part of the evening included a “wedding,” wherein … Continue reading

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Guest Post via The Crazy Baby Mama : The Rabbit & the Rabbi

Please welcome Sarah, The Crazy Baby Mama, (@_CrazyBabyMama_ on Twitter, don’t forget the underscores!) who has agreed to a little cross-pollination today! Below you will find one of her most hilarious posts, and if you hop over to her blog today, you’ll … Continue reading

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The Ritual of Relaxation is Foreign to Me; or, Stolen Moments.

I am a Jew. Please don’t stop reading, I swear this is not a post about religion because that is something I don’t typically write about on my blog. One of the most important Jewish traditions is the ritual of observing … Continue reading

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Kelly from Speaking From the Crib & The Mother Load– are Schlepping From the Synagogue!

I helped Kelly over at Speaking From the Crib with a Hanukkah-related post for today. Go check her out & see! I have really enjoyed working with Kelly. She is so sweet & thoughtful and I love that she was … Continue reading

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Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop — An Open Letter to Santa Claus From Super Jew

If you’d like to play along, please check out Mama Kat’s blog. ***The prompt I’ve chosen for today is an open letter to Santa.*** Dear Santa, First of all, I’m really sorry that my family confused you when I was little. My … Continue reading

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The Night That Began Eight Years of Wedded Bliss, or, The Look of Terror On My Face On My Wedding Night

On this day eight incredible years ago, Hubs and I quit living in sin got married. Surrounded by our families and closest friends, we spoke our own vows and became one under the chuppa (for you non-Jews, that’s the marriage … Continue reading

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