Bourbon Street Barefoot

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It’s dark and late, so late I don’t even hear the Clydesdales clopping anymore.

Ambling down Bourbon Street barefoot, I admire my OPI Red pedicure, although surely it will soon be coated with dirt. 

Blissfully drunk, my shoulders bump into my friends beside me. I laugh, so do they. 

I walk on my tiptoes like I did when I was little, dangling my strappy sandals by my side.

Oh my aching feet...

I’m not typically shoe-less on Bourbon Street, but it’s the night before my wedding and I’m allowed.

Floating along, oblivious, not even sure where the hotel is, just following the feet in front of me.

My belly sloshes, full of too many bright-red, sticky sweet hurricanes. Orange slices teetering on the edge of the glass and Maraschino cherries stabbed on a tiny plastic sword. 


Pat O’s serves them in a tall glass I get to take home with me. I save it and fill it with trinkets and Mardi Gras beads, a plastic flower from the St. Patrick’s Day parade last year.

It gathers dust sitting on my bookshelf with so many other memories.

The sweetest memory though? Is finally making our way to our hotel on Canal Street. Hubs walks me to my room, and although we’re not sharing it tonight, he offers to come in and help me wash my feet before we go our separate ways.

He fills the tub with a bit of warm water and bubble bath and helps me sit on the edge of the tub.

“We’re getting married tomorrow,” I say to the man who leans over, gently wiping my dirty feet with a washcloth.

He looks up at me and smiles. “I know,” he says, even as the bath water turns brown and grit settles at the bottom.

I love him. For this and ten thousand other reasons.

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  • maerae

    Wow, this was fantastic. I was there, seriously, you brought me there. Sitting at the edge of that tub, i could feel the excitement and love. You continually amaze me.

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, you are making me blush now! Much appreciated!

  • Lyndsay The Kitchen Witch

    I love this Erin. What a perfect snapshot in time. I too have Pat O glasses on a shelf. Dusty memories of womderful times. L’aissez les bon temps roulez!

    • Anonymous

      I am heading back there tomorrow. Can’t wait. So glad you liked this post!

  • Kir

    oh Erin that wa just wonderful. So descriptive and so romantic. What a guy u have.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much, Kirsten! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

      • Kir


        I am Erin…lots to write you are too. :)

        (and my new blog design is almost done, I’m so excited)


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        Be a Rainbow in someone else’s Cloud.” – M Angelou

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  • PostDivorceCoach


    • Anonymous


  • Julie

    I love this. I have no other words.

  • By Word of Mouth Musings

    Its the little things.
    The little things add up and become greater than the big things.
    Great post!

    • Anonymous

      You are so right. And boy how I love those little things.

  • Terri Sonoda

    Oh gosh. I’m a sucker for romance. Love is just the best thing ever. So sweet, Erin. Loved this.

    • Anonymous

      Would it change your opinion at all if I told you I couldn’t sleep the whole night, felt horribly when I woke up on wedding morning, and had no voice? LOL

  • Amy

    This reads like a scene in a romantic movie. Loved it. I felt every moment.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much, Amy! I’m flattered that you enjoyed it!

  • Heather

    Absolutely beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      ;-) thank you!

  • Anonymous

    In my next life I’ll be a Romantic.

    And I’ll find one to marry me.

    I love hearing stuff like this, even though it is far from who I am and who I ended up with.

    • Anonymous

      Trust me, Tulpster, we have many not-so-romantic experiences, too.

  • Kellie J. Walker

    I love Pat O’s! This is a beautiful story. It says so much about you, your husband and your relationship.

    So wonderful.

    • Anonymous

      Giggling—even though this took place over 9 years ago? ;-)

      • Kellie J. Walker

        Even though…. ;-)

  • Elaine A.

    What a sweet moment on the night before your wedding…

    And VERY glad you cleaned your feet STAT – ha!

    Did I tell you that my friend here in Laffy, her Dad designed the fountains at Pat O’s and still works for them. Cool huh? :)

    • Anonymous

      OMG! What a small world—and no, you didn’t tell me that! I might even stop by there this weekend. Ever since I wrote this I’ve been craving a hurricane.

  • Lady Jennie

    And I love this. Sweet and beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      Merci beaucoup, Jennie!

  • Christi


  • Lynn MacDonald

    OMG….I loved that. You are a beautiful writer and the last convo…”we’re getting married tomorrow” brought tears to my eyes.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Lynn! Have you heard back from Bill Maher yet? I hope so!

  • Themommyologist

    What a cool memory! Loved this post. I could visualize the whole scene while reading it. And I’ve had a few of those hurricanes from Pat O’s in my day too. Haven’t been to New Orleans in years, but such a fun town!

    • Anonymous

      I am going this weekend & I can’t wait!

  • Anonymous

    This whole thing tastes like happiness

    • Anonymous

      Almost as good as a banana.

  • Anonymous

    AWWW what an awesome memory.. and I have to say this ya know I would. Isn’t it funny that he did the thing that Jesus said would show we had the love of God in us. Not the rules or barriers but the love of God when we stoop to wash the feet of another. Jesus did it for his disciples and in their day that was the job reserved for the lowliest of servants in the household. You soon to be hubby told you that he found you in the heart of God and like God he loved you as much for who you were through the God he saw in you. Just beautiful

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Angel! ;-)

  • Natalie@mommyofamonster

    Erin – this one took my breath away. It’s beautiful. What a sweet memory!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Natalie. That means a lot to me!

  • Snuggle Wasteland

    You’re such a romantic at heart. Love this!

    • Anonymous

      I love you. I’m glad you enjoyed this. It was fun to write.

  • Antsy Pants

    Wonderful memory! I got goosebumps when I read “he looks up at me and smiles. I know”. So sweet!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks, Cathy! I got goosebumps when I read your story the other day, too. All those books. Le sigh.

  • Sherri

    You made me want to be there! I love the image of him helping wash your feet with the amazing pedicure…such a wonderful memory!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Sherri! I’m so glad you came by. It was a special evening I’ll never forget.

  • Jessica

    Erin this was great. What a wonderful memory!

  • Evonne

    What a beautiful and romantic post. It’s funny that we probably never realize how intimate washing a loved one’s feet are until it’s done.

    • Anonymous

      True, very true. And the only reason I let him was because I was wasted. How romantic, indeed!

  • Rachel Loudon Snyder

    My trip to Bourbon Street was—not similar at all, actually. It was the first time I’d ever gotten drunk. Pat O’s helped. Probably shouldn’t have done that in a strange city with only acquaintances looking out for me. lol But I had no impending husband, no dirty feet (well, to my knowledge. You never know what you’ll step in there). You make it sound so romantic! I just remember it being loud and blurry and dirty. lol

    • Anonymous

      It definitely is loud and dirty! But on this night? I didn’t notice much. I was just thinking about getting hitched and was so excited.

  • Katie Bray

    What a beautiful memory.

    • Anonymous

      thanks for taking the time to read it!

  • MiMi

    That is such a sweet story, Erin.
    Tell me, did you have to get vaccinated after though? Bourbon Street barefoot. OMG.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, methinks I had a tetanus shot within a few years before that. LOL

  • Liz

    Oh, how sweet! I have never been down there, even though we are not that far (geographically) away. We’re talking about taking a long weekend trip down there for our 10 year anniv this summer though!

    • Anonymous


      You should definitely go…as long as you are prepared to sweat your balls off in the summer!! SOOOO humid & hot then. But still a fun place to go!

  • Mads Mom

    Swoon, a man who will wash me feet. Oh he’s a keeper just for that! Loved this story!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you sooooo much! I’m excited that you liked it.

  • NotJustAnotherJennifer

    Oh, Erin, I love this! Brings tears to my eyes. The details – OPI rocks!, sloshy belly, the drinks, the bare feet. What a sweet man you have. :)

    • Anonymous

      yeah, I’m a sucker for OPI. it’s kind of a problem.

  • Ash

    Oh the innocence in this! Just the fact that you would walk Bourbon street bare foot shows me that you’re naive beyond measure. Or deliriously happy. I’m thinking a wonderful mixture of both.

    Love this. Love you. This flows so effortlessly, so organic and true.

    Oh, and that Hubs is a good man. Pretty sure I would have gotten a lecture instead of a foot bath :)

    • Anonymous

      Oh Ash! Definitely not naive. When I look back, I still can’t believe I did it. It was definitely the “deleriously happy” you mention that had taken me over.

      I have rarely felt so good, so carefree, since. I’m so pleased to hear you call this effortless. It thrills me!

  • Julie Gardner

    I’ve never been to Bourbon Street. Or Pat O’s. I’ve never had my feet washed by someone who loved me. (Not as an adult, anyway. As a woman.)

    But now, I feel as if I have.

    Beautifully done.

    • Anonymous

      Just Call Me……lucky.
      But this was a one-time deal, you know.
      I hate my feet (they are terribly ugly) and the only reason I let him do it that night was because I was quite intoxicated.
      It shall never happen again. Which is perhaps partially why it’s such a romantic memory.

  • d, the undomestic housewife

    I love this.. It’s written soo beautifully Erin! :)

    • Anonymous

      I am thrilled that you liked it. Makes me happy!

  • MOMmetime

    so beautifully written! thank you for sharing your story…

    • Anonymous

      and THANK YOU for reading it! So happy you came by!

  • From Tracie

    That is so beautiful. What a special memory…and a special husband.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much, Tracie! This is one of my favorite memories. I think it’s on my mind because I’m taking the girls home to NOLA tomorrow to visit my family. Very excited!

  • Varunner7

    Wow. This is so sweet. I love that he washed your feet. The markings of a kindhearted man :-)

    • Anonymous

      I know. I am quite lucky. ;-)

  • Brittany at Mommy Words

    I love it! New Orleans is my fave and that sounds fabulous. So wonderful and romantic to remember it. I too have walked barefoot and drunk on Bourbon street but had to wash my own feet. I so should have asked Ross to do it!

    • Anonymous

      It was a romantic and fun evening. BUt I doubt I’ll ever go barefoot on Bourbon again. Hee hee! I am going back to New Orleans this weekend to visit my family. Can’t wait!

  • Ilana @ Mommy Shorts

    This is gorgeous. I think it is my favorite thing I’ve read of yours so far. My memories of Bourbon Street are far less romantic.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, yes. I certainly left out the smell of vomit and horse shit. On purpose. Thought I did consider it for a moment because I thought it might make it seem more vivid. LOL

  • Ashley

    What a wonderful memory. So beautiful.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you so much for coming by to read!

  • Stephanie

    A man who will wash your feet is a keeper. :]

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the funny thing is, I hate my feet. And the only reason I let him touch them was because I was very, very drunk. The only time I let anyone fool with my feet is when it’s pedicure time. Um, which it is—like, yesterday.

  • Mrs. Jen B

    Wow. I just sighed the most drawn-out, happy sigh imaginable. I just love every word of this. I just want to hug myself with happiness at your words (no kidding).

    • Anonymous

      Thank you! It made me sigh several times while I was writing it & remembering.

  • GalitBreen

    This is such a lovely snapshot of you, your strappy heel days and your love. It gave me a warm and cozy “been there, too” feeling!

    • Anonymous

      I’m so glad you’ve been there too and that you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading!

  • Alexandra

    Memories, of being truly loved.

    I wish everyone in the world could experience that special feeling, of being treasured…just once. You made me think of mine, Erin, thank you.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t even know if he’s read it yet. ;-)

  • Musings de Mommy

    Wow. And I love him. And this post. Would he wash your feet after walking on 119th Street?

  • Nancy C

    Such a loving post. Such a good man. There is nothing more tender than a man that loves every part of us…especially the dirty parts.

    That’s not what a meant. Where’s your head? :)

  • Theinquisitivemom


  • Cheryl

    This is so sweet, Erin! Don’t know how I missed this post before but I’m glad Natalie linked to it today.

  • Mamaface

    so beautiful. so very beautiful.

  • Heather O

    Oh I loved this Erin … absolutely loved it. My heart is warmed.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful. I love it.