BlogHer, Here I Come!

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Please excuse the ringing phone and answering machine in the background. Oops.

Check out the post/vlog via Fadra Nally I mentioned HERE.


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  • FadraN

    LOVE IT!! I definitely hope to spend some time chatting. And I will call you out, if necessary. But in a nice way.

    • Erin Best Margolin

      The photo I got of you, me, Alex, and Jessica has to be one of my favorites. I look up to you all so much. Le sigh. Thrilled I got to see you!!!!!

  • Sherry Carr-Smith

    You are one of the many reasons I wish I were going to BlogHer! Also…even though you warned me…I kept looking down at my phone to see if it was ringing… I hope you have an amazing time!

    • Julie Gardner

      I checked my phone too. Even after having read her warning.

  • ChickyMara

    Now I’ll recognize you. Also, you have an old school answering machine? So retro! 

    • Erin Best Margolin


      Yes, I guess it is old school. But we only got it at Costco like 2 years ago!! So happy we got to sit together that day at lunch! ;-)

  • Jenni Chiu

    I’ll see you there, lady!  I will also be pretending to talk on my cel phone… or waving to someone across the room who was NOT waving at me in the first place… that’s just how I do things.

    • Erin Best Margolin


      It was so fun to meet you at BlogHer and you are stunning! I just wish we’d had more time to talk and hang out. Next time?

  • Julie Gardner

    Oh how I wish I were going to see you in person.



    Until then, I love the tank top. I have the short-sleeved black shirt.
    Just a Mom. I don’t think so.


  • Lori Paquette

    YOU are adorbz!!! Have a fabulous time. There are lots of people excited to meet you in person. I know I was 2 years ago at CIP. xoxo

    • Erin Best Margolin


      As was I to meet you! And I really do feel like CIP started an avalanche for me…so many things began bubbling up. And I met wonderful people, like YOU!

  • Jennifer Williams

    I’m going to steal your sunglasses so you can’t hide behind them. :)

    • Erin Best Margolin


      Well it’s a good thing you were at that photography thing all day so you couldn’t steal ‘em! LOL and I swear I am mailing your present soon. Just told Elaine I still haven’t gotten my act together. aaaaahhhhhhhh!

  • The Animated Woman

    You’re funny!!

    • Erin Margolin

      JC–will you do a drawing of me at BlogHer? I hope I get to meet you! ;-)

      • The Animated Woman


  • Pamela

    LOL! Funny vlog, Erin. I hope you have a great time at BlogHer.

    • Erin Best Margolin


      It was a blast! I wish you’d have come. It would be so fun to see you again!

  • Elaine A.

    You don’t need those damn glasses you beautiful woman, you!!!  T minus 23 hours and counting….!! :D

    • Erin Best Margolin


      I miss you!!!!!!!!! I still haven’t mailed your present. B/c I suck. But I swear it’s coming soon.xoxoxoox

  • Renee Svhuls Jacobson

    I’m sooooooo bummed that I screwed up on this! Ugh! I should have totally gone to BlogHer! What was I thinking? Have a great time. Don’t hide. You are a superstar.

    • Erin Best Margolin


      I so wish you had been there. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but…maybe we’ll get to meet at another conference soon?

  • Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell

    Seriously what is UP with us not seeing each other? The weird thing is that there were about 2 or 3 people that I saw every single place I went!

    • Erin Best Margolin


      I know exactly what you mean—I think BlogHer is just SO HUGE that it’s very easy to miss people. There were quite a few I never got to see/hug/hang out with and regrettably you were one of them….

      What are you going to next?