10 Ways to Embrace Your Inner Jew at Hanukkah Time

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Here’s me in all my glory. This is how scary I look like on a daily basis. I meant to shower this morning thank goodness there’s no smell-o-vision. BEWARE: I violated my own personal vlogging rule, which is to try to keep the vlog to a 2-3 minute minimum… yet we Jews are not known for our brevity. Le sigh. But you love me anyway, so you’re going to watch. And seriously? When I watch the vlog regularly on my computer, my lips match the sound. But something happens once I turn it over to You Tube. I am not techno savvy. Is it me/my settings, is it my webcam? I hate that it looks dubbed. Oy vey!

Here’s the rub: I want to seriously spread this Hanukkah love.

For a really fun PRIZE, here’s how to enter:

*leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite part of the video was.
*follow me/my blog via Google Friend Connect.
*follow me on Twitter: @erinlynn76
*for every tweet, you’ll get yet another entry (you can tweet twice daily, just post the links to your tweets in the comments!).
*follow me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/erin.margolin#!/erin.margolin
*”like” my Facebook Mother Load fan page: http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=the+mother+load&init=quick&tas=search_preload#!/pages/Fairway-KS/The-Mother-Load/112118315466348

*post a link to this vlog post on your Facebook page for 5 extra entries (link to me so I can see it!).

At the end of the week I’ll choose a winner and you’ll get a PRIZE! A goodie package of some of my favorite things.

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    Thanks guys for your ideas, Its really very helpful article guys.